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Dissertation Information for Yi Shen

- Yi Shen

- Ph.D.

- Library and Information Science

- University of Wisconsin, Madison (USA) (2006)

- Louise S. Robbins

- Kristin Eschenfelder
- Kyung-Sun Kim
- Ronald Charles Serlin
- Steven A. Ackerman

MPACT Status: Fully Complete

Title: Digital information and communication networks and scientific research substance: An investigation of meteorology

Abstract: This study investigated research meteorologists' current usage and evaluation of information and communication technologies (ICT) in performing research tasks and the current relationship between meteorologists' ICT use and content characteristics of their research outputs.

It surveyed research meteorologists working in three NOAA funded research institutes based at universities. Follow-up interviews with two selective samples of the survey participants were conducted to provide additional evidence to survey results and make suggestions for future measurement development work.

Multiple regression analysis was performed to test the hypothesized relationships between meteorologists' ICT use and two substantive characteristics of their research---data integration and intra-/interdisciplinarity. Descriptive statistics were calculated to discern inferences of the scientists' current state of use and their degree of satisfaction with ICT tools. Follow-up interviews were transcribed and analyzed qualitatively with open coding and axial coding.

The study findings contradicted the two assumptions of ICT effects on meteorological research by showing that the greater frequency of networked ICT use is not significantly associated with either greater data integration in research analysis, or greater intra- or interdisciplinary research. The major ICT barrier is the lack of a data and information infrastructure and support system for integrated, standardized, specialized, and easily accessible data and information from distributed servers. Suggestions were provided on the improvements of technical, social, political, and educational settings to promote large-scale date integration and intra-/interdisciplinary research.

By moving further from theoretical assumptions to practical examinations, the research findings provide empirical evidence of Bowker's theories on the social shaping and social impact of infrastructure in sciences and affirmed some of Bowker's arguments regarding both social-political aspect and technical aspect of e-science practice. The results also provide implications for Computer-Mediated-Communication theories. The knowledge helps information system developers identify several important issues in current systems planning and development. The study also helps librarians, information scientists, and meteorologists both recognize the importance of and develop their collaboration in data, information, and knowledge management. Finally, the study could aid research institutes and government funding agencies to develop appropriate strategies to optimize the effective use of ICT resources and augment its positive impact on sciences.

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