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Dissertation Information for Irene Zimmerman

- Irene Zimmerman

- Ph.D.

- Library and Information Science

- University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (USA) (1956)

- Raymond L. Kilgour

- Rudolph H. Gjelsness
- Lawrence B. Kiddle
- William G. Merhab

MPACT Status: Fully Complete


Abstract: The principal objective is the selection of a list of outstanding Latin American periodicals which are demonstrably useful for research in the humanities and the social sciences.

Subsidiary objectives are (1) to establish the fact that Latin American periodicals are of value as records of thought and literature and as sources of much information not otherwise available, (2) to describe the development, since World War I, of a growing realization of their value by outlining the principal contributions of individuals and institutions to that understanding, (3) to evaluate the principal reference tools which provide information about or limited means of access to these periodicals, (4) to demonstrate the need for selection and indicate some bases on which this can be accomplished with a considerable degree of objectivity, (5) to provide sufficient information concerning the most important titles selected to give a valid idea of their principal potentialities for research purposes, and (6) to present certain conclusions and recommendations which emerge from the foregoing.


The method used for selection is an elaboration of one evolved by the author in seeking a solution to a practical problem-- the evaluation of certain periodicals offered in exchange to the library of the University of Florida and the submission of recommendations concerning others which should be acquired. Appraisal was not a complete answer, since sound decisions required knowledge of comparable publications which might be available.

It was found that, in general, data from (1) a valuable but partially outdated list, Latin American Periodicals Currently received in the Library of Congress, published in 1944, (2) the Handbook of Latin American Studies, and (3) the List of Periodical Articles Indexed..., published monthly by the Columbus Memorial Library, together with information from a variety of additional sources, often supplemented by the opinions of faculty members as well as that of the author, provided a reasonably satisfactory working basis, but one which needed codification.

For purposes of this study, title listings of periodicals indexed in the Handbook of the years 1948-51 were checked against each other and the other two lists named. Entries in the Handbook representing its references to periodicals for 1949-51 were indexed and analyzed.


Each of the first four subsidiary objectives is the topic of a separate chapter.

The selected list is presented in Chapter V. Since titles seemed to fall into four categories, they were so arranged, with designations of from three asterisks to none. Criteria were based primarily on a modified frequency count, in which appearance in a given guide was the determining factor. Personal judgment was exercised only within stated limitations. for the three star titles, an essential requirement was inclusion as a starred title in the Library of congress List (1944).

All 255 titles are presented in chart form showing their occurrence in the guides checked. The two top groups, or "basic list," comprise one chart, those of the "supplementary list" another. Brief annotations are supplied for all two star titles and for many lesser ones. In all, 154 titles are starred. for the 49 three star titles a separate set of longer, more analytical annotations is provided.


As a selected list of mid-century periodicals, weighted by procedures in factor of exchange publications and the research library, and subject to the understanding that items in the lower range of any frequency count are primarily a representative selection, this compilation is believed to have a considerable degree of validly.

Among general conclusions drawn were(1) Latin American periodicals are an underused resource, (2) selection is perhaps the major problem, and (3) more adequate indexing is urgently needed.

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