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Dissertation Information for J. Gordon Coleman

- J. Gordon Coleman
- (Alias) Gordon Coleman
- (Alias) John Gordon Coleman

- Ph.D.

- Educational Software

- University of Virginia (USA) (1982)

- None

- None

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Abstract: "The purpose of this study was to inquire into how the guiding principles contained in Media Programs: District and School were perceived by practicing building-level school library media professionals. The library media professionals were asked to rate each of the principles on two scales: value and implementation. An attempt was made to determine if any relationships existed between the library media professionals' perceptions and six selected demographic factors: prior teaching experience, experience in the library media profession, level of training in school library media disciplines, professional membership, access to district-level library media leadership, and library media funding level.

Of the 275 randomly selected library media professionals in Virginia, 145 returned completed questionnaires. The constructed component area of instruction, comprised of appropriate guiding principles selected from the eleven component areas, was found to rank last on both the value and implementation scales and to be significantly lower than the other eleven component areas. The value rating for each component area was found to be significantly higher than its respective implementation rating.

Individuals with prior teaching experience reported significantly higher mean value ratings than those individuals without prior teaching experience for four component areas: production, public information, program evaluation, and collections. Library media professionals who had master's level training reported significantly higher mean value ratings than those with bachelor's level training for five component areas: planning, budget, purchasing, public information, and program evaluation. Respondents who were members of AECT, ALA/AASL, VEMA reported significantly higher mean value ratings than non-members for six component areas: personnel, planning, access and delivery systems, program evaluation, collections, and facilities. No significant difference across three levels of library media professional experience was found.

Those library media professionals who reported the existence of a district-level administrator responsible for library media programs had significantly higher implementation ratings for eight component areas: personnel, budget, purchasing, production, access and delivery systems, program evaluation, collections, and facilities. Implementation ratings did not differ significantly between three groups which were categorized by library media funding level."

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