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Dissertation Information for Ana Cecilia Torres

- Ana Cecilia Torres

- Ph.D.

- Library and Information Science

- Texas Woman's University (USA) (1985)

- Keith Swigger

- Frank L. Turner
- Ana D. Cleveland
- Brooke E. Sheldon
- Rose Marie Smith

MPACT Status: Fully Complete

Title: Barriers to library cooperation in Costa Rica

Abstract: The barriers which hinder development of cooperative arrangements among libraries in Costa Rica are identified by studying librarians' perceptions of obstacles. In 1969, Orin Nolting reported a list of forty-six barriers to cooperation as identified by librarians throughout the United States; thirty-nine of those barriers were selected for this study. Analysis of questionnaires submitted to the members of the Costa Rican Library Association indicates that all thirty-nine items are important barriers. A rank list of barriers in order of importance is reported; the most important barriers relate to administration and governance, absence of guidelines to implement cooperation, poor public relations, and limited number of knowledgable leaders. Linkage analysis reveals three main subclusters of barriers, which correspond closely to Nolting's categories of Administrative and Legal, Lack of Information and Experience, and Psychological barriers. Library leaders were interviewed in Costa Rica to provide a check on the completeness of the list of barriers and to elicit leaders' attitudes toward cooperation. Interview data confirms the findings of the questionnaire study. Models for effective cooperation should incorporate integrated approaches that simultaneously address different kinds of barriers.

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