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Dissertation Information for Faith Oguz

- Faith Oguz

- Ph.D.

- Library and Information Science

- University of North Texas (USA) (2007)

- Brian Clark O'Connor
- William Moen

- Herman L. Totten
- Samantha K. Hastings
- Guillermo A. Oyarce
- Rada Mihalcea
- Sandra L. Terrell

MPACT Status: Fully Complete

Title: An exploration of the diffusion of a new technology from communities of practice perspective: Web services technologies in digital libraries

Abstract: This study explored and described decision factors related to technology adoption. The research used diffusion of innovations and communities of practice (CoP) theoretical frameworks and a case study of Web services technology in the digital library (DL) environment to develop an understanding of the decision-making process.

A qualitative case study approach was used to investigate the research problems and data were collected through semi-structured interviews, documentary evidence (e.g., meeting minutes), and a comprehensive member check. The research conducted face-to-face and phone interviews with seven respondents with different job titles (administrative vs. technical) from five different DL programs selected based on distinctive characteristics such as size of the DL program.

Findings of the research suggested that the decision-making process is a complex process in which a number of factors are considered when making technology adoption decisions. These factors are categorized as organizational, individual, and technology specific factors. Further, data showed that DL CoPs played an important role in enabling staff members of a DL program to access up-to-date and experienced-based knowledge, provided a distributed problem solving and learning environment, facilitating informal communication and collaborative activities, and informing the decision-making process.

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