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Dissertation Information for Ok nam Park

- Ok nam Park

- Ph.D.

- Library and Information Science

- University of Washington, Seattle (USA) (2008)

- Allyson Carlyle

- Stuart Allen Sutton
- Raya Fidel
- Jens-Erik Mai
- Gail Stygall

MPACT Status: Fully Complete

Title: Current practice in classification system design - An empirical investigation of classification system design team practice

Abstract: Classification system design is creative work, and each step in design encompasses related problems to be handled. Design decisions have great impact on the quality and productivity of classification systems. Good design decisions are supported by methods and systematic and comprehensive understanding of issues. Despite a long tradition and rich discussion of classification system design, a lot of research needs to be done to make classification system studies to be applicable to practice. Specifically, to support consideration of users and users' context in design, a useful supplement to the research would be the provision of some methodological and practical strategies for designers to follow.

A classification system is constructed by classification system designers. It is designers who make decisions in classification system design. They are the mediators who connect users, context, and information. However, their work practice - how they actually design a classification - is still not well understood. In addition, how context and users are actually employed in designers' practice is relatively unclear. A good understanding of designers' practice is vital for classification system design research, which has been missing in classification system design research.

For this purpose, this dissertation presents an empirical study of classification system designers with a multi-dimensional approach. The study investigated in-depth a classification system design team in an organizational setting. Data was collected using interviews on site with designers and managers, 49 observations of design team meetings, and document and emails reviews over a period of three months.

This dissertation uses Cognitive work analysis (CWA) as a main conceptual framework, and a social process model and discourse analysis as methodological framework. In-depth study of classification system design practice aims to enhance design knowledge along with practical implications for classification system designers to improve their work practice to serve users' needs better. It makes contribution to build a foundation from which to bridge theoretical studies and professional practice.

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