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Dissertation Information for Thomas A. Clerkin

- Thomas A. Clerkin

- Ph.D.

- Business Administration

- Indiana University (USA) (2005)

- George Dreher

- Janet Near
- Frank Acito
- Timothy T. Baldwin

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Title: An exploratory study of the antecedents and consequences of relationships with executive search firms: Implications for a model of career attainment

Abstract: This exploratory study is the first empirical look at antecedents and consequences of relationships with executive search firms and the increasingly important role headhunters play in the allocation of executive talent to available positions. Three streams of literature: social capital, career success, and executive search were applied to frame two models that hypothesized that contacts from executive search firms are influenced by multiple factors and that relationships with executive search firms positively influence career attainment for professional and managerial candidates.

A web-based survey was used to collect data from 701 executives who were subscribers to a career placement database maintained by an international association of executive search firms. These executives worked in a variety of industries and functional areas around the United States and earned a minimum annual salary of $100,000.

Results suggest that certain networking behaviors and human capital characteristics explain how individuals become identified and involved in relationships with executive search professionals and that these relationships contribute positively to current salary, career promotions, and perceived career success. These findings provide evidence of the important role that executive search firms play in the identification and allotment of executive talent. Additionally, the data provide a basis for understanding how executive search firm relationships are developed, and their instrumental value in executive career attainment.

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