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Dissertation Information for Jo Ann Lahmon

- Jo Ann Lahmon

- Ph.D.

- Library and Information Science

- Florida State University (USA) (1996)

- John DePew

- Irwin Jahns
- Pamela Barron
- Ronald D. Blazek

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Title: An examination of the level of library service provided for off-campus programs according to the Association of College and Research Libraries "Guidelines for Extended-Campus Library Services"

Abstract: Off-campus education is rapidly becoming a part of mainstream education in colleges and universities all across America. Information services and access to needed information and materials are important elements in the education process. These services should be provided for all students whether they attend classes on or off-campus. Serving the library and information needs of the off-campus community has been a concern of librarians since the early 1900's. The same needs of those students in the early 1900's remain a major concern of the off-campus community today. As the off-campus population continues to grow, so will the importance and concern for the provision of information to this body of university users. For academic libraries, planning for and the delivery of equitable library services for off-campus programs is a critical issue. The ACRL Guidelines for Extended-Campus Library Services were developed to address this issue.

This study focuses on examining the level of library and information support provided for off-campus degree programs in accordance with the 1990 ACRL Guidelines for Extended-Campus Library Services. The population surveyed consisted of individuals listed as contact persons at U.S. institutions listed in the 1993 Off-Campus Library Services Directory.

Analysis of data collected is divided into six sections according to the six sections of the Guidelines: Management, Finance, Personnel, Facilities, Resources, and Service. There is also a section on demographics.

The results of this study indicated that over half of the respondents consulted the 1990 Guidelines when developing off-campus library service programs. This study also shows that funds are provided for off-campus library services, but the amount is not enough. Funding seems to be the most critical issue in providing library resources and services for faculty and students engaged in academic programs away from the main campus. Over half of the libraries provide at least two staff persons, one of whom is a professional librarian, who allocate 25 to 100% of their time to the extended-campus program. Respondents felt that resources and services provided, at the main campus or extend-campus facility, for off-campus programs are adequate for students in fulfilling course requirements and for faculty teaching and research information needs. On the other hand, when respondents were asked about facilities and space provided at the extended campus site, they felt that facilities and space at the extended campus site are not adequate to provide resources and services for student needs.

Technological advancements such as the Internet and satellite are avenues for extended-campus students and faculty to reach and communicate with librarians. Some librarians have developed home pages and/or websites to improve service to the extended-campus community.

The Guidelines are an important instrument or guide to consult when establishing off-campus library service programs. A set of recommendations came out of this study. One recommendation is that a training course for off-campus library services librarians be established. This is not a new idea, but it is one that has not had much reception from the library field in general.

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