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Dissertation Information for Robert Paul Visk

- Robert Paul Visk

- Ph.D.

- Library and Information Science

- Florida State University (USA) (2001)

- Jane B. Robbins

- Thomas L. Hart
- Marie E. Cowart
- F. William Summers

MPACT Status: Fully Complete

Title: Adherence to national information and referral standards in pursuit of professional effectiveness: A case study of Florida elder affairs information and referral

Abstract: This case study examined the perceptions of adherence to recognized standards of practice in the occupational field of Information and Referral (I&R) by taking a census of the population of chief administrators of the aging network I&R agencies in Florida. The unit of analysis consisted of agency administrators who manage an Elder Helpline affiliate, which is an I&R agency in Florida that receives federal funds authorized by the Older Americans Act (OAA). The state administrative agency which contracts OAA funded I&R services through regional Area Agencies on Aging is known as the Florida Department of Elder Affairs (DOEA). The general assumption underlying this study is that professional standards, developed by practitioners belonging to nationally recognized professional associations, encourage service uniformity, promote effectiveness in service areas, establish accreditation criteria, motivate best peer practices, and act to legitimize an occupation as a profession.

The study utilized the descriptive survey method and included the use of a structured interview schedule administered to members of the population in one of three ways: face-to-face interviews; telephone interviews; or mailed questionnaires. The study instrument was designed on a framework dealing with the implementation of 2-1-1 three digit dialing for 24 hour I&R access to community service providers. This initiative was nationally authorized by the Federal Communications Commission in July 2000 although it is regionally implemented.

The study findings revealed that all of the chief administrators in Florida's aging network I&R agencies use some standards-based methods to measure their agencies' effectiveness. The DOEA I&R guidelines were the most acknowledged standards referent. Analysis of the findings concludes that a majority of administrators believe that adherence to recognized Information and Referral standards is necessary for professional effectiveness, yet the degree of adherence is qualified by the limited resources of smaller I&R agencies. Findings also revealed that a minority of mainly rural I&R administrators felt that certification and accreditation by the national association standards are not necessary for the delivery of professional I&R services by their agencies.

The researcher introduces a pattern theory of accelerated adaptation needed by contemporary knowledge-based service professions to keep pace with technological change.

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