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Dissertation Information for Farkhondeh Saidi

- Farkhondeh Saidi

- Ph.D.

- Library and Information Science

- Case Western Reserve University (USA) (1977)

- Conrad H. Rawski

- Morris Rossabi
- Thomas Gleason Morris
- Tefko Saracevic

MPACT Status: Fully Complete

Title: Education for Librarianship in Iran: Some Factors Affecting Its Development

Abstract: The focal purpose of this inquiry was to study the state of education for librarianship in Iran. An attempt was made to explore and discover the factors influencing its retardation and development from its beginning to the present, as well as to single out the relationship among the facts affecting its evolution. Finding factors were analyzed and discussed to give a clearer picture of the backwardness of librarianship, as a whole, in this country. In the light of such exploration, another attempt was made to examine and evaluate critically the present state of Iranian library education programs to give an overall view of the existing problems and issues involved in the field.

Data were collected by completed questionnaires, personal interviews, inside and outside the country, and through published materials, as far as available, and an extensive quantity of unpublished documents and archival materials.

To achieve the objectives of this study, the general background of the country was examined carefully, to build up a firm base for the further discussions. Iranian library development was pinpointed to discover the relationship between the two issues, i.e., library growth and the evolution of library education in the country. A detailed description and discussion of the innovation of the existing instructional programs in the field was performed by this study.

The results of this inquiry indicate that books and libraries have been highly respected in ran from the ancient days up to the present. yet, the library situation in Iran can be easily marked by the absence of proper library education for a long period of time. It was seen by this study that in the post-World War II period there seemed to be a few straws in the wind and in the 1950's short-term library training courses were instituted by UNESCO and through American educational aid, but no serious attempt was made by Iranian government and education authorities. The University of Tehran was shown to be a pioneer in this field and was active in this regard, yet, none of the efforts made during that period, concerning education for librarianship, had worked out well and all efforts were restricted to setting up several short-term library training programs. It was revealed by this study that library education in Iran was behind all other development of the country, mainly because: the majority of the learned university members and scholars were reluctant to accept the importance and need of a scholarly library being administered by professional librarians. This indifferent academic environment was an addition to the economic and political instability of the country as a whole, and other social and educational backwardness of the nation that delayed the establishment of an academic program of library education for so many years in Iran. As soon as the country reachieved better economic conditions and in coincidence with social and educational reforms in the 1960's a significant movement in the field of librarianship was seen in the country which led to the inauguration of the first library school in Iran in 1966.

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