Under the jurisdiction of ASTM International (www.astm.org) Committee F32 for Search and Rescue, an ASTM task group is writing standards for mounted (horseback) search and rescue responders. Anyone interested in observing or participating in this work is invited to subscribe to the electronic mail discussion group MSAR-ASTM.

Subscription to MSAR-ASTM is free, and includes access to a threaded web archive of the list's complete traffic, including drafts of the standards and all discussions. Subscribers may choose to receive all or no list traffic. To subscribe, see below.

MSAR-ASTM was created in January 2005.

Draft standards for MSAR which have been assigned ASTM Work Item numbers (links open in a new web browser window):

Download a PDF of an article about this work that appeared in the trade magazine SAR Professional.

Please consider participating in this work, especially if you live and/or have SAR experience outside the USA. You can help to ensure that our resulting standards are truly international in scope and utility. Subscribe now.

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27 March 2005, updated 21 June 2007

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