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Title: New Project Apollo Beta 20080109 Released.
Post by: lassombra on January 09, 2008, 04:25:01 PM
WARNING!: If you downloaded the 20080109 release, please redownload the 20071215 release.  There has been a major bug in the current release.  If you have already saved your flight with the 20080109 release, you can recover your save file by going into the .scn file and deleting the lines "LEMCHECK" and "LEMCHECKAUTO" as these lines should not have been output and will cause a CTD in some situations on loading.

If you do want to download this "unofficial" release, it is available from here: (

The only reason for this release is to be in concert with the new cvs snapshot.  It SHOULD still run, but unexpected errors in normal flight operations may crop up due to incomplete implementations.

Should you decide to use the older modules, they can be downloaded here: (