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Title: New Sounds
Post by: NoName on May 05, 2010, 09:36:01 PM
I will commit a few more sound files (and change/update some existing ones) in very near future. The first sounds I already have commited just a few minutes ago are:

- "suitcompr"
- "hatch_close"
- "hatch_open"

The hatch sound files are intended to be used for the CM side hatch :wink:

As already mentioned earlier, the suit compressor sound file is intended to be a continuous background sound you usually have within any kind of spacecraft cabin. Especially the Apollo Command Module was quite a noisy environment (actually because it's just so much cramped). I have recorded the sound from a HD NASA video that shows STS-129 during rendezvous with the International Space Station as seen from the flight deck. So the sound file actually is from the Shuttles flight deck rather than from Apollo. I guess it's difficult, if not impossible, to get a usable audio file from inside the real Apollo Command Module. But what I have seen in In the Shadow of the Moon sounded quite equal to the Shuttles sound environment. There is a short scene of Apollo 8 in which you can hear original interior sound and voices of the Apollo 8 crew when they were taking photos during Moon orbit. It sounds actually quite similar to the Shuttles interior, especially like the middeck. So I decided to use that kind of sound. Have fun with it Tschachim :D