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Title: FIDO MFD?
Post by: abr35 on July 04, 2010, 12:01:56 PM
First off, I'd like to say that this is a very impressive project! You guys have pretty much built an Apollo CSM in only 4/5 years!

While orbiter does A LOT of things very well, one thing that I've always felt it lacks is an "out-in-space" feeling that other space sims (A-OK!, SSM) have. You are simply given way too much information on your spacecraft's trajectory, and all in real time.  In A-OK, for example, you have to radio a ground station, if you are even in range, and request estimates. This certainly adds a bit of realistic apprehension as to whether or not things are working properly on board your ship. In orbiter, if you aren't sure if you de-orbited properly, all you really have to do is pull up your orbit mfd, and you get a realtime diagram of your orbit. You can even perform the burn with the MFD up to make sure you get it right. Now this is necessary in orbiter, because you calculate your own maneuvers, but the real astronauts had someone do this for them, and had to rely on their work.

I know an MCC project is in the works, but by reading the message post it is a long way from done, and not all of it would be required for an Apollo 7/8 release where, if I understand correctly, there will be no equipment failures modelled. What I propose is a FIDO MFD. It would be similar to the Lunar Transfer MFD, but instead would have a series of button for different maneuvers and aborts (TLI, LOI, MCC1, TLI-90, etc). Clicking on any of the buttons would cause it to calculate the PAD data for that burn, using values from lines in the .scn file. These values would essentially be things that you would manually load into IMFD, or LTMFD, like TiG, PeA, ApA, ReT, etc. The MFD would either display all the PAD information, or maybe even read it to you in TTS. After the burn it could read you up trajectory estimates. It would fulfill the role of MCC as far as is required for the next release. This way, by the time the MCC project is in full-swing a major hurtle would have been taken care of!

Just an idea... I know very little about programming. How feasible do you guys think this is?