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Title: New Project Apollo Beta 20060608 released
Post by: Tschachim on June 08, 2006, 12:38:39 PM
Hi Apollo fans,

There are new beta modules available here:

No major changes since the last beta, only some smaller fixes and additions, main reason for this new beta are the new Standard Mode Checklists, which now cover more EPS and GNC/SCS stuff. They are available here:

The Virtual AGC fans will notice that now you can control the SIVB engine manually even in Standard Realism Mode, if you use the Virtual AGC. Reason for that is otherwise there's no possibility to do a TLI burn, because Colossus 249 has no P15 and our IU is not able to do that. So now you can do that "the Orbiter way" using IMFD or TransX MFD. Use P48 in the Virtual AGC to monitor the burn.