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Title: Patch 1 for Orbiter 2006 Released
Post by: robertsconley65 on September 29, 2006, 03:21:51 PM

Files can be downloaded at

This patch upgrades Orbiter 2006 to 2006-P1 (patch level 1) and brings some significant new features and bug fixes to the 2006 Edition. Some highlights:
Improved dynamic state propagation More accurate integration methods for linear and angular spacecraft states provide better long-term stability. Many of the parameters of the dynamic model can now be modified by the user.
New Atlantis Space Shuttle An improved version by Michael Grosberg and Don Gallagher is now included. Apart from the Shuttle exterior, this also features a detailed virtual cockpit with working MFDs and payload bay operations.
Multiple camera positions for virtual cockpits, used by Atlantis and Deltaglider models. Support for the TrackIR head tracking device is also provided.
New "Extra" tab in the Launchpad dialog This provides advanced simulation parameter options, and can also be utilised for addon configuration.
Various additional features and bug fixes For a detailed list of changes, see "2006 Edition log.txt" in the Doc folder of your Orbiter installation.

Rob Conley