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91  Orbiter Mars Direct / Planning / ERV CEV on: December 18, 2005, 04:51:13 PM
Arrgghh!  I lost my entire post!  (One of the reasons I want to stay with Yahoo Groups) my entire hour-long rant is gone and I got just a couple minutes left online.

First off, it's pretty obvious that CXV and Sprint are closer than Sprint and CEV.  I judge CXV as a rather minimalist crew transfer vehicle, even compared to Sprint, and lacks the lifeboat functionality of Sprint.

For mass, the parachute recovery drop test article for the CXV was quoted as full scale and 8100lb (about my head.)  I think that for a four person vehicle, this is unrealistically low, and I'm expecting full development would come out to about 5500kg at a minimum.  Sprint being in the 8000kg ballpark, will hopefully turn out to be unrealistically pessimistic, thus giving us lots of room to play around with options.  (Note: I'm expecting 5000kg in the Descent Module, with no 3000kg Service Module on the ERV, so don't get too scared.)

I can spot some more holes in CXV, I'm expecting a few changes as study and development progresses (assuming they are pragmatic, of course.)  CXV also has points that shine light on holes in its big sister, the Sprint.  I think the ideal might be to combine the best points of both spacecraft.

More later, I don't want to lose this post too.
92  Orbiter Mars Direct / Planning / Mars ERV Truck (SP-100 Deployment Ideas) on: December 08, 2005, 05:58:08 PM
I think I found the sucker:'s 4MB...I don't know why.

On the'd be a bit of a drag...literally, but we might be able to get a little trailer for it.
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