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1  Project Apollo - NASSP / News & Announcements / Re: New Project Apollo Beta 20100907 released on: September 09, 2010, 01:41:18 PM
This is great! Thank you!  Thumbs Up
2  Project Apollo - NASSP / Support & Bugs / Re: CTD with Orbiter 060929 and NASSP on: August 18, 2010, 05:23:52 AM
Please, can somebody help me?
I re-installed NASSP twice, and have the same problem both of the times. It is quite anoying.
3  Project Apollo - NASSP / Support & Bugs / CTD with Orbiter 060929 and NASSP on: August 15, 2010, 05:05:04 PM
I've just installed the last release of NASSP following wiki's instruction. When I lauch a NASSP scenario, I have a CTD.
The last thing I can read on Orbiter's screen is that it is trying to load "textures/projectApollo\"

Here is my orbiter.log :
**** Orbiter.log
Build Sep 29 2006 [v.060929]
Found 2 joystick(s)
Module AtlantisConfig.dll [API v.060425]
Module DGConfig.dll [API v.060425]
Module ProjectApolloConfigurator.dll [API v.060425]
Module ProjectApolloMFD.dll [API v.060425]
Module OrbiterSound.dll [API v.060425]
Module Collision-core.dll [API v.060425]
Module InterMFD54.dll [API v.100603]
Module ScnEditor.dll [API v.060425]

**** Creating simulation session
DirectDraw interface OK
Direct3D interface OK
Zbuffer: 32 bit
Stencil buffer: 8 bit
Render device: Window 1018 x 739
Device has hardware T&L capability
Joystick throttle: SLIDER 0
Joystick throttle control detected
Module Sun.dll [API v.050206]
VSOP87(E) Sun: Precision 1e-006, Terms 554/6634
Module Mercury.dll [API v.050206]
VSOP87(B) Mercury: Precision 1e-005, Terms 167/7123
Module Venus.dll [API v.050206]
VSOP87(B) Venus: Precision 1e-005, Terms 79/1710
Module Earth.dll [API v.050206]
VSOP87(B) Earth: Precision 1e-008, Terms 2564/2564
Module Moon.dll [API v.041022]
ELP82: Precision 1e-005, Terms 116/829
ERROR in configuration file for ProjectApollo\Moon: Syntax error in SURFBASE list
ERROR in configuration file for ProjectApollo\Moon: Syntax error in SURFBASE list
ERROR in configuration file for ProjectApollo\Moon: Syntax error in SURFBASE list
ERROR in configuration file for ProjectApollo\Moon: Syntax error in SURFBASE list
ERROR in configuration file for ProjectApollo\Moon: Syntax error in SURFBASE list
ERROR in configuration file for ProjectApollo\Moon: Syntax error in SURFBASE list
Module Mars.dll [API v.060425]
VSOP87(B) Mars: Precision 1e-005, Terms 405/6400
Module Phobos.dll [API v.060425]
Module Deimos.dll [API v.060425]
Module Galsat.dll [API v.041022]
Module Jupiter.dll [API v.050206]
VSOP87(B) Jupiter: Precision 1e-006, Terms 1624/3625
Module Io.dll [API v.041022]
Module Europa.dll [API v.041022]
Module Ganymede.dll [API v.041022]
Module Callisto.dll [API v.041022]
Module Satsat.dll [API v.050206]
Module Saturn.dll [API v.060425]
VSOP87(B) Saturn: Precision 1e-006, Terms 2904/6365
Module Mimas.dll [API v.050206]
SATSAT Mimas: Terms 113
Module Enceladus.dll [API v.050206]
SATSAT Enceladus: Terms 33
Module Tethys.dll [API v.050206]
SATSAT Tethys: Terms 101
Module Dione.dll [API v.050206]
SATSAT Dione: Terms 59
Module Rhea.dll [API v.050206]
SATSAT Rhea: Terms 68
Module Titan.dll [API v.050206]
SATSAT Titan: Terms 100
Module Uranus.dll [API v.050206]
VSOP87(B) Uranus: Precision 1e-006, Terms 1827/5269
Module Miranda.dll [API v.060425]
Module Ariel.dll [API v.060425]
Module Umbriel.dll [API v.060425]
Module Titania.dll [API v.060425]
Module Oberon.dll [API v.060425]
Module Neptune.dll [API v.050206]
VSOP87(B) Neptune: Precision 1e-006, Terms 391/2024
Module Triton.dll [API v.060425]
Finished initialising world
Module LC34.dll [API v.060425]
Module VAB.dll [API v.060425]
Finished initialising status
Finished initialising camera
Finished initialising panels
Finished setting up render state

How can I mak NASSP works? Thank you.
4  Meadville Space Center / Off Topic / Re: Any good movies about Space programs to recommend? on: June 03, 2010, 06:32:47 AM
"L'etoffe des heros" is an american film about mercury project. Sorry, I don't know the englishe name...
5  Project Apollo - NASSP / Project Apollo - NASSP News & Discussion / Re: Apollo 8 vAGC Flight Plan on: May 03, 2010, 02:56:46 PM
Isn't this flightplan out of date? I thougt the Apollo 7 and 8 flightplans was...

Wich scenario do you use for this mission? I don't have any for this one.
6  Project Apollo - NASSP / Support & Bugs / Re: Bug reports on: April 29, 2010, 04:29:42 AM
No problem. I was looking for the source code of project Apollo. As soon as I really understand the structure of all that I will try to help. I was trying to implement this :
But I don't understand in wich file I could do that. For the moment I am workless, so one day I will take the time to do that.
7  Project Apollo - NASSP / Programming / CWS excessing switching speed on: April 07, 2010, 06:27:22 AM
Hi everybody!
I can read on the Apollo Operation Handbook vol 2 :
(While C/W PWR is on 1.)
C/W PWR - 2 [pause at OFF (ctr) at least 1 sec]  |   Excessif switching speed will cause temporary loss of both power supplies, and alarm reset capability.

I will try to add this feature to the C/W System code. Something like that :
If your sitching speed is more than 1 sec, you will have something like a chance under five that this loss of power and alarm reseting appened.
Do you think that is a good idea?
8  Project Apollo - NASSP / Support & Bugs / Re: Bug reports on: April 04, 2010, 03:31:21 PM
I think the BUS CONT circuit breaker, that are attached to the FC REACS VALVES switch don't works.
This is what I have done :
The MASTER ALARM sounds. So :
And there is no more alarme.

I tried this thing two more times. One with FC REACS VALVE on LATCH and I cannot shut down the reactants valves.
And one more time with the FUEL CELL 1/BUS CONT opened so the FC REACS VALVE would not be powered. But in this case, I cannot shut down the reactants valve.

edit : I found another thing. I was still playing with the FUEL CELL REACTANTS switch, when I quit orbiter with the FC BUS DISCONNECT alarm light on. When I load again this state, the MASTER ALARM was still toning, but the yellow alarm light wasn't anymore.
9  Project Apollo - NASSP / Project Apollo - NASSP News & Discussion / Re: Does the CSM panel works? on: April 03, 2010, 06:48:16 PM
Hey! Mister Bibi! So surprising to see you here. I'm sorry, you are not guilty for all the time I've spent on NASSP, I knew this addon before I read your post on Dan's forum.
10  Meadville Space Center / Orbiter / Re: We might have a publicity problem on: March 31, 2010, 12:12:59 AM
AMSO is the best. You have cool animation and it is not really difficult to go to the moon. It is a finished addon. You can walk on the moon and do all the stuff that astronauts really does.

NASSP is also the best. You have to read the Apollo Handbook Manual and follow real checklist. You can play with CSM systems and understand how all this is working. But it is a hard thing to learn.

I think the correct answer would be : "Orbiter is the best : you can do almost all you want, except making coffe with it. But this is not a problem : you can drink coffe while playing with Orbiter." More seriously, those two add-on are really cool. In both case, you go to the Moon but the concepts are different. You will have to try them both if you want an answer.
11  Meadville Space Center / Orbiter / Re: problem with orbiter2009beta on: March 23, 2010, 04:10:08 PM
Has you can read on the link that was givent to you : "This is a list of recent public beta versions of the Orbiter Space Flight Simulator. You need to install the appropriate Orbiter beta snapshot before downloading and compiling a graphics client. See the installation guide below on how to install these beta packages."

If you want the last one, take the last one.
12  Project Apollo - NASSP / Project Apollo - NASSP News & Discussion / Does the CSM panel works? on: March 22, 2010, 02:44:32 AM
Is the CSM panel is finished? I was trying to understand the working of different system and the switches influences on them. I tried to play with different switches, I sometimes don't understand if they are implemented, or if I make a mistakes while using them.
And by the way, this is an exciting job you are doing! I am sorry to read that NASSP is not growing up those times.
I think you will excuse my bad english, I am french.
13  Project Apollo - NASSP / Support & Bugs / Re: Problem with sound timing? on: March 08, 2010, 12:57:26 PM
Yep, it's the apollo flight plan for apollo 7.
14  Project Apollo - NASSP / Support & Bugs / Problem with sound timing? on: March 06, 2010, 07:55:26 PM
I am trying the Apollo 7 with AGC scenario. The excell Checklist say that the hatch must be closes at -1h 10m. But I ear the control center saying at -1h 40m that it is closed. Is it normal?
15  Project Apollo - NASSP / Project Apollo - NASSP News & Discussion / Re: Complete version of the Apollo Operations Handbook Volume 2 available! on: March 02, 2010, 01:08:18 AM
Ok. I did that, and I now have those documents. Thank you.
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