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Project Apollo - NASSP 6.4.3 released!
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16  Project Apollo - NASSP / Modeling / Re: my NASSP 7 beta LEM ascent module has no textures mappings?! on: March 05, 2010, 11:26:33 PM
Well, for now, the external model. See here:

The virtual (3d) cockpit would be the next step, along with a new LEM descent stage.
Gunner_CAF just recently found some good pics of what I was looking for:

The excellent 2D panel graphics are (already) created by Moonwalker.
17  Project Apollo - NASSP / Modeling / Re: LM Ascent Stage - new model - W.I.P. on: March 05, 2010, 11:21:50 AM
Hey Gunner_CAF,

wheeee, very good find there! Highly appreciated, that will help me alot!  Thumbs Up
Thanks again!
18  Project Apollo - NASSP / Modeling / Re: More realistic landing sites? Using LRO GIS to 3ds mesh on: March 04, 2010, 04:59:18 PM
Wow, constellation, that is an amazing result from the LRO data so far! Thumbs Up

Well, once you have the mesh in 3dsMax, it's not too difficult to export it to Orbiter's *.msh format and add it to your orbiter installation. There's a 3ds-to-msh export/import plug-in by Mindblast somewhere out on the www, which I use too.
I've been working with jtiberius on the Apollo 17 landing site, though we haven't finished it yet ( It hasn't been finished yet partly because back at that time there wasn't something like MeshLand, an add-on module by Artlav, which enables mesh collision detection and basically allows you to land and drive over planetary surface meshes. In the last version of MeshLand, some test did show pretty good results, however there was a problem with the vessels jumping up and down on the surface mesh while moving. I am not sure if Artlav has found the source of the problem yet.

One thing to keep in mind though is, if one would import your (literally) great mesh of Hadley-Rille to Orbiter, you would want to keep the polygons of the meshes at reasonable numbers. Orbiter (2006 P1)'s graphic engine tends to dislike high polycounts, resulting in low frames per second.

Still, that mesh looks very promising already.
19  Project Apollo - NASSP / Modeling / Re: my NASSP 7 beta LEM ascent module has no textures mappings?! on: March 04, 2010, 04:26:49 PM
Hello constellation,

I've started to do a new LEM ascent stage more than one year ago. My progress has significantly slowed down or rather has come to a halt at the point where I could not find any good references or hi-res photos of the CMD and LMP windows of the flown LEM's (preflight or during the mission). I am still missing details e.g. of the window frames. If someone is able to dig up, please post it in this forum or this thread:

Hope to have an update for you all till the end of March. 2010 that is. Duh!
20  Project Apollo - NASSP / Modeling / Re: LM Ascent Stage - new model - W.I.P. on: September 25, 2009, 03:52:17 PM
Thanks Moonwalker for your encouragement! Yes, I've collected so much excellent references about the LEM that I can't wait myself to put textures on this baby. Though I need to finish the (exterior) model first, then comes unwrapping and texturing.
If you happen to have time to dig in your archives, I am still looking for good close-up photos of the LEM windows from both outside and inside of a flown LEM, especially of interest is the window framing. All the images I have so far still leave me with some sort of guesswork, and I really want to make a model true to reality. Thanks for any help on this!
21  Project Apollo - NASSP / Support & Bugs / Re: Missing LEMs? on: September 25, 2009, 03:39:21 PM
Hello drewhogue,

I am not exactly up to date with Project Apollo at the moment, but two things come to my mind reading your post. First, I don't think the latest CVS files will work properly with the modules of the last official release 6.4.3. Are you sure you mean that version, or do you mean the latest beta modules just released on September 19th? Second, I believe the mesh of the LEM will be shown/created not before CSM/SIVB separation (on purpose). The reasoning for that is most probably saving FPS until the CSM/SIVB sep event.
No idea about your last question, though I'm sure someone of the really active members here can shed some light into whether it's possible to have the LEM inside the Saturn-V already on the launch pad.
22  Project Apollo - NASSP / Modeling / Re: LM Ascent Stage - new model - W.I.P. on: September 22, 2009, 05:10:48 AM
Coming back to this project... forward RCS quad support structure added...

23  Project Apollo - NASSP / Project Apollo - NASSP News & Discussion / Re: Moving out west... again... on: September 21, 2009, 01:47:27 AM
Working for SpaceX? Very cool!  Thumbs Up All the best for your move to the west coast, Swatch!
24  Meadville Space Center / Off Topic / Re: First Images of the Apollo Landing Sites from LRO.... on: July 18, 2009, 04:24:57 AM
Yes, the images are fantastic. I am following the mission very closely. The images are also of great help to more accurately model the landing sites terrain.
25  Project Apollo - NASSP / Project Apollo - NASSP News & Discussion / Re: In Paris... on: July 07, 2009, 01:22:05 PM
Hey Swatch, I believe ChristophÚ lives in France, but do not know where.

I was in Paris a little over two weeks ago with some good friends of mine, besides enjoying the city we've been to the AerosÓlon at the airport at Le Bourget. Among lots of aviation stuff I've discovered a few Apollo related items in the exhibition halls and the local museum.

At NASA's stand was this sample:

This was the first Apollo lunar sample I've ever seen this up-close. I was in total awe, that this rock had been lying around for 3.9 billion (!) years on the surface of the moon, and that it had been picked up by Dave Scott during Apollo 15. I was told by one of the NASA's folks at the stand that Dave Scott was actually there at their exhibition in Paris the day before. It was an unofficial appearance, obviously he was attending the AerosÓlon Show as well and heard about the sample he once collected and stopped by.

Then there was this 1 to 1 scale replica of the LM landing gear and in the museum nearby an unflown Lunar Module ascent stage engine was exhibited. For size comparision, I stood as close as possible beside them. I am 6 foot tall.

Sorry, I hope you don't feel your thread hijacked with this.  Happy

I hope one of our French members will be able to meet you in Paris.  Thumbs Up Enjoy your stay, the "flair" of the city is lovely, I like it alot.

26  Project Apollo - NASSP / Project Apollo - NASSP Development / Re: Collision detection and all that come with it on: June 16, 2009, 05:02:12 PM
so it jumps even at 60fps?

Is there any FPS dependency? Like, recording on 25 FPS and non-recording 60 FPS?

No, the jumping happens at 60 FPS as well as 25 FPS (and essentially the whole varying range between the two FPS numbers)

Will there be any difference (jumping-wise) if you set tilting=0 in collision.cfg?

Yes, no jumping at all with tilting=0 !

Does it happen with LEVA?

No, not at all.

Is there anything special about the terrain jumping happens on, in Fra Mauro case?

It looks like the LRV starts jumping when driven on the large Fra Mauro mesh (to the northeast of the LEM, where the terrian rises to the big crater). Also maybe worth mentioning, if I use 10x time accel, the LRV seems to be jumping a lot less than in 1x accel.

Do the two meshes lay in separate files? You can remove one from the collision cfg then.
Shouldn't do any problems, but the performance will be reduced with two.

No, it's a single mesh file. Artlav, I have another idea. Maybe the bug is dependent on the mesh density? I mean, it looks like the jumping happens at places with a less dense vertice distribution on the surface mesh. I'll have a look at the mesh in wireframe mode to see if there's any coherence.
27  Project Apollo - NASSP / Project Apollo - NASSP Development / Re: Collision detection and all that come with it on: June 16, 2009, 03:46:30 PM
Theoretically, it should fix the jumping on LRV, but only FordPrefect can confirm that, it seems.

I'd love to tell the problem is gone, however it looks it is still there.

I have no idea what is causing it. I have 60 FPS locked without and 25 FPS while recording the action with Fraps. I'd say about 70 percent of the time, the LRV is stable, but then after some time it starts to jump again. I have the feeling it depends on certain locations of the surface mesh. I first thought it is related to Taurus-Littrow mesh itself, because the valley floor actually incorporates two similar meshes, spaced apart by a tiny amount of vertical separation. This is in order to have the upper mesh half transparent with a cratered looking "microtexture" above the large texture mesh, to provide more detail up-close. However, the exact same jumping occurs at the Fra Mauro mesh as well.
Hmm... could my system specs have any relevance to this?
28  Project Apollo - NASSP / Project Apollo - NASSP Development / Re: Collision detection and all that come with it on: June 15, 2009, 02:06:02 PM
Here's a first result with the new modules. Sorry for the low quality.
29  Project Apollo - NASSP / Project Apollo - NASSP Development / Re: Collision detection and all that come with it on: June 15, 2009, 12:20:23 PM
I nice feature would be vessel tilting for the rover.  Happy

Don't forget the LM! It would be great to have vessel tilting for it as well. (let it tilt and then "lock" the contact points to the surface mesh below). I just thought about it while testing the collision module at Taurus-Littrow yesterday. Makes the landing much more challenging since you have to find a flat spot on the undulating terrain. Particularly the landing at Hadley Rille and Descartes highlands, where the real LM's were pretty tilted after touchdown, especially at Hadley. The scenery terrain is still in the early stages, though jtiberius already achieved some nice progress on Descartes.

Tschachim, the LM landing checklist doesn't seem to be up on the wiki? BTW, can I activate the LRV from a Apollo 17 quickstart mode LM with the modules Artlav provided in my other thread in the support and bugs forums? Would love to give it a try.

Thanks a lot and thanks Artlav, please keep it up. Your collision work is what jtiberius and I have been waiting for. It makes the landing site mesh explorable as it was imagined by us from the beginning  Thumbs Up
30  Project Apollo - NASSP / Support & Bugs / Re: Testing collision detection on: June 14, 2009, 01:58:59 PM
Thanks Artlav for you speedy reply and the newly compiled modules!  Thumbs Up The crash no longer occurs, so I am testing it now...
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