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Author Topic: Advice on configuring stages wanted.  (Read 1265 times)
« on: January 05, 2008, 05:48:29 PM »

I've managed to extract a set of rough set of numbers for a pair of planned S-II derived stages dating from 1961.

I was going to try and program them for later inclusion and also for testing purposes, but I've never done this before and I was wondering if anyone could give me a run through the process of programming/mesh creation.

The numbers I have are as follows (Stage names are my own creation):

For the original 1960 version of the S-II stage, as was going to be flown on the Saturn C-2

S-II (1960)
Gross Mass: 163,955 kg (361,460 lb).
Empty Mass: 12,029 kg (26,520 lb).
Thrust (vac):
Burn time:
Isp(sl): 200 sec.
Diameter: 6.60 m (21.60 ft).
Span: 6.60 m (21.60 ft).
Length: 22.56 m (74.01 ft).
Propellants: Lox/LH2.
No Engines: 4.
Engine: J-2.
Status: Study 1960 (Corrected figures using 1961 Study/Astronautix)

The numbers derived from Summary Study of Large Solid Rockets (1961)

S-IVx (1961)
Gross Mass: 162,678 kg (358,644 lb)
Empty Mass: 10,752 kg (23,704 lb)
Thrust (vac):
Isp: 421 sec
Burn Time:
Isp(sl): 200 sec
Diameter: 6.60M (21.60 FT)
Span: 6.60 m (21.60 ft)
Length: 22.56 m (74.01 ft)
Propellants: Lox/Lh2
No Engines: 2
Engine J-2
Status : Study 1961

(Same as S-II(1960), but only two J-2 engines)

S-IIx (1961)
Gross Mass: 325, 499 kg(717,602 lb)
Empty Mass:  21,669 kg (47,772 lb)
Thrust (vac):
Burn Time:
Isp(sl): 200 sec
Diameter: 9.14 m (30 ft)
Span: 9.14 m (30 ft)
Propellants: Lox/Lh2
No Engines: 6
Engine J-2
Status : Study 1961

(Twice S-II(1960) fuel)

For comparision here is the historical S-IVb (1967), stats from Astronautix

S-IVb (1967)
Gross Mass: 119,900 kg (264,300 lb). 
Empty Mass: 13,300 kg (29,300 lb). 
Thrust (vac): 1,031.600 kN (231,913 lbf).
Isp: 421 sec.
Burn time: 475 sec.
Isp(sl): 200 sec.
Diameter: 6.60M (21.60 FT)
Span: 6.60M (21.60 FT).
Length: 17.80 m (58.30 ft).
Propellants: Lox/LH2.
No Engines: 1.
Engine: J-2.


Edit: I've decided to start by trying to code up the 1960 version of the S-II stage, but I'd like to see an annotated copy of some of the working stage code before I do so, because as I've stated earlier this is my first time at doing this and I'm not even sure just where to start...

I'm looking over the API documents in the orbiter directory but I'm not sure if any of that information is of use in this situation.

Edit (2):Rather than code up the stages (yet) I'm going to try and use the real world numbers from Astronautix to guesstimate the actual stage weights for these stages. I'll post my results to the above listing.
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« Reply #1 on: January 08, 2008, 03:05:53 PM »

Right now the stage configuration code is pretty horrid; it's all hard-coded based on whether it's a Saturn V or Saturn 1b. We've got part-way towards developing a generalised stage configuration system, but there's still quite a bit of work to do.

Also, significant changes would be required for the autopilot, so it would know how to control the spacecraft (e.g. a 5-engine SII autopilot won't do much with a two-engine SII!).

So I suspect this is a future project, not something that could easily be done today. Though you can change things like stage mass, fuel mass and ISP in the scenario file.
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