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Author Topic: Hey guys! having problems with TORTOISE CVS  (Read 1484 times)
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« on: October 17, 2008, 12:16:48 AM »

Hi guys...  hope you can help me with these two problems:

1) I am doing a fresh, new NASSP 7 beta installation on my new PC. I sucessfully installed Tortoise CVS and created a new folder for NASSP, but when doing the CVS checkout and starting to download the files it crashes at the MESHES folder download process saying something like writing error on socket...

2) So I downloaded the CVS snapshot (August 11, 2008) and installed the whole thing. Tried to CVS Update and still crashes.  Nevertheless I started ORBITER and open the Broken Scenarios / Apollo Historical Missions / Apollo 11 / Apollo 11 - Ready for Lunar Liftoff  it CTD and a message says : Terminating after critical error. See Orbiter log for details. The log says:

**** Orbiter.log
Build Sep 29 2006 [v.060929]
Devices enumerated: 3
Devices accepted: 3
==> RGB Emulation
==> Direct3D HAL
==> Direct3D T&L HAL
Found 2 joystick(s)
Module AtlantisConfig.dll [API v.060425]
Module DGConfig.dll [API v.060425]
Module ProjectApolloConfigurator.dll [API v.060425]
Module TrackIR.dll [API v.060425]
TrackIR module not found.
Module ScnEditor.dll [API v.060425]
Module Rcontrol.dll [API v.050206]
Module ProjectApolloMFD.dll [API v.060425]
Module OrbiterSound.dll [API v.060425]
Module MeshLand.dll [API v.050206]
Module Meshdebug.dll [API v.060425]
Module Framerate.dll [API v.050206]
Module FlightData.dll [API v.050206]
Module ExtMFD.dll [API v.060425]
Module CustomMFD.dll [API v.060425]

**** Creating simulation session
DirectDraw interface OK
Direct3D interface OK
Zbuffer: 32 bit
Stencil buffer: 8 bit
Render device: Fullscreen 1280 x 1024
Device has hardware T&L capability
Module Sun.dll [API v.050206]
VSOP87(E) Sun: Precision 1e-006, Terms 554/6634
Module Mercury.dll [API v.050206]
VSOP87(B) Mercury: Precision 1e-005, Terms 167/7123
Module Venus.dll [API v.050206]
VSOP87(B) Venus: Precision 1e-005, Terms 79/1710
Module Earth.dll [API v.050206]
VSOP87(B) Earth: Precision 1e-008, Terms 2564/2564
Module Moon.dll [API v.041022]
ELP82: Precision 1e-005, Terms 116/829
Module Mars.dll [API v.060425]
VSOP87(B) Mars: Precision 1e-005, Terms 405/6400
Module Phobos.dll [API v.060425]
Module Deimos.dll [API v.060425]
Module Galsat.dll [API v.041022]
Module Jupiter.dll [API v.050206]
VSOP87(B) Jupiter: Precision 1e-006, Terms 1624/3625
Module Io.dll [API v.041022]
Module Europa.dll [API v.041022]
Module Ganymede.dll [API v.041022]
Module Callisto.dll [API v.041022]
Module Satsat.dll [API v.050206]
Module Saturn.dll [API v.060425]
VSOP87(B) Saturn: Precision 1e-006, Terms 2904/6365
Module Mimas.dll [API v.050206]
SATSAT Mimas: Terms 113
Module Enceladus.dll [API v.050206]
SATSAT Enceladus: Terms 33
Module Tethys.dll [API v.050206]
SATSAT Tethys: Terms 101
Module Dione.dll [API v.050206]
SATSAT Dione: Terms 59
Module Rhea.dll [API v.050206]
SATSAT Rhea: Terms 68
Module Titan.dll [API v.050206]
SATSAT Titan: Terms 100
Module Uranus.dll [API v.050206]
VSOP87(B) Uranus: Precision 1e-006, Terms 1827/5269
Module Miranda.dll [API v.060425]
Module Ariel.dll [API v.060425]
Module Umbriel.dll [API v.060425]
Module Titania.dll [API v.060425]
Module Oberon.dll [API v.060425]
Module Neptune.dll [API v.050206]
VSOP87(B) Neptune: Precision 1e-006, Terms 391/2024
Module Triton.dll [API v.060425]
Finished initialising world
>>> ERROR: Missing texture: ProjectApollo/
>>>        [C:\Source\Orbiter\Texture.cpp / 781]
>>> ERROR: No vessel class configuration file found for:
>>> ERROR: sat5stg3
>>>        [C:\Source\Orbiter\Vessel.cpp / 248]

Any ideas of what is happening?  Bangs Head

Additionally, in the Meshland Pack I downloaded there is only Taurus Littrow scenery. Where are the other landing sites?

Project Apollo - NASSP
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« Reply #1 on: October 17, 2008, 07:07:29 AM »


1) Yes, the anonymous CVS access seems to have problems right now (developer access is fine though), probably because the SourceForge guys still working on the hardware migration, I suggest to retry in a couple of days.

2) Well, that might be related to the fact that the scenario is in the "Broken Scenarios" folder...  Wink

3) Additional lunar landing sites are in the NASSP Enhancement Pack (NEP), but you need to adapt them to the current Orbiter version by yourself.


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