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Author Topic: To Tschachim,movieman,chode and the rest  (Read 2137 times)
« on: February 28, 2005, 08:41:01 PM »

Hi people,
I have fixed several bugs of ncpp 6.3.0,and wanted to ask you guys,if it is possible to actively participate in the development of ncpp,how can i do it (uploads?),or am i even welcome?
Here's what i have done so far to 6.3.0:
1:Fixed the problem with distorted panels in high screen resolutions and anti-aliasing with ati cards.On my machine with ati card,it works now flawless at 1400x1050 with anti-aliasing 2x.
Problem:the card only accepts bmps not larger then 2048 pixels(and not the height,as i thought previously).So to fix,i simply splitted the panel bmp into two,repositioned all the necessary buttons,switches and instruments,and added a function to switch from left panel to right panel with "ctrl-arrow" left or right.

2:Fixed the docking panel view:it is now aligned so that a real visual docking can be done without the use of docking mfd.Only bug here:if you switch from the docking panel direct to the virtual cockpit,the view point in VC is offset,but pushing number 6,7,8,or 9 on your keyboard fixes the position immediately.THe rest works great.Second minor problem:for time beeing,i am repainting the docking panel bmp,as the crosshair painted on the bmp is not aligned with the docking device,i am just moving it a bit to the right.(this is actually only necessary for my screen resolution of 1400x1050,in lower res. you can move the panel around.

3:Fixed the virtual cockpit problem of saturn1b,it works now like in saturnV

4:Fixed the exhaust flame of lunar ascent stage :it was too thick,too large,too big,largely of center ,and started somewhere in the center of the ascent stage,and not in the nozzle of the engine.Now it's size is "correct",and it comes out the engine,where it should be.Corrected at same time position of flame from lem,which was slightly of center.

5:only minor bug:on last stage just before releasing cms from sivb,the crew was missing in the cockpit,fixed now.

I continue working on other visual bugs.

Any comments?


« Reply #1 on: March 01, 2005, 12:10:37 AM »

Yogenfrutz can you register so I can PM you thanks.
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« Reply #2 on: March 01, 2005, 01:09:52 AM »

First, you need to register at and then request Tschachim add you as a developer. If you don't already know how CVS works, you need to learn a little about that, I'm sure we can help you through it.

The only concern I have with what you've been working on is that Moonwalker is working on new panels, so your stuff will conflict with what he is doing,  and you're suggesting a change in the way they work (switching right-left instead of scrolling all the way across), but that might not be a bad idea. Also, the control-right and left arrows currently control the illumination of the panels. That is going to have to be changed anyway if new side panels are going to be added.
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« Reply #3 on: March 01, 2005, 06:59:47 AM »

Hi Yogen,

of course you are welcome as a developer. First please register at SourceForge, then post your SourceForge login (your UNIX name) here and I'll add you as a developer. We use CVS to work on the sources, for a basic introduction please look here:

A few comments on your fixes:

1. Moonwalker does new panels without the bug at the moment, so it's not necessary to fix the old ones, I think.
2. I fixed it already but still need a few days testing before I commit it to CVS. I also added a MFD to the docking panel.

The other points are not fixed as far as I know, so feel free to fix it after sign-in. Before fixing please assign the bugs to yourself so the others see you are working on it (for example as I did because of the docking view bug no. 1113638)

Thanks and Greetings

« Reply #4 on: March 01, 2005, 07:54:33 AM »

HI people,thanks.

I will read how this cvs stuff work and register and call you back then.
to Tschachim and chode:
you are right,if monnwalker is designing a new panel,it would be senseless to continue working on mine.
May be my info could be of use for him,here a few things:
The distortion of the panels starts (at least on my machine,which has a radeon 9600) appears with bitmaps having more then 2048 pixels in large.I guess the same happens with a hight of more then 2048 pixels,what i have not testet yet.Exactly 2048 is good,no distortion.
So the simplest solution for me, was to split the panel bitmap into two peaces,having both less then 2048.I actually did not split the bmp in the middle,but i on the left side bitmap,i only cutoff panel number 3,and on the right side bitmap,i cutoff panel number 1.On this way,you can still scroll the panel on your screen between the middle of the panel (number 2)and respectively to the left or right.I thought this is important,as most of the swithes you need are on panel 1 and 2,and you dont want to switch panels all the time, looks much better this way.Only slight inconvenience:the dll gets a bit bigger due to more bmp area in it.
I have (of course Happy ) a solution for switching the lights on and off:ic changed the order of the ctrl-arrows function,here is how it works:
Ctrl arrows to the left and to the right switch to the next panel:to the left the docking panel,in the middle panel 1 and 2,to the right panel 2 and 3.Pushing ctrl arrow up or down switches on or off the lights for the corresponding panel.Easy,isnt it?.

But as i said,this works great now here for me,but i guess we have to wait for the new panel,May be the informations above can help moonwalker,if he's reading this,or one of you guys tell him,or may be he has already his own solution.


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