Q-tip Skeletons

We began this activity by reading Funny Bones, by Janet and Allan Ahlberg. We discussed the beginning, middle, and end of the story, as well as the story's problem and solution. Afterwards, we made a skeleton by glueing Q-tips and paper bones to black construction paper.

The next day I began our language arts time by writing a story with the class about a skeleton character. As we wrote the story, I reviewed beginning, middle, and end with the class. We gave the skeleton a problem and solved the problem at the end of the story. Later, the children wrote their own skeleton stories.

Skeleton stories:

Once there was a skeleton named Mr. Bones that lived in a haunted house with a ghost named Mr. Air and a mummy named Ms. Wrap. But one day Mr. Bones fell apart. When his friends tried to put him back together they got his hand and feet mixed-up. They noticed when he tried to stand up. Then they put him back together the right way. And they lived happily ever after.

by Bjorn

Mr. Bones lives in a deserted house with Ms. Bones and their brown kitten Tabby. One Halloween they wanted to go trick or treating. But they had no costumes. So they went up to the attic to look for some. They looked in the trunk and in all the boxes but did not find any costumes. But they had an idea. They got a little white rag so Tabby could be a ghost. Ms. Bones found a hat and a shovel and was a gardener. Mr. Bones wore dorky glasses and was a freak and they all went trick or treating.

Once upon a time there was a skeleton that lived in a museum on Main Street named Mr. Bones. One day Mr. Bones had a serious problem. His pet bat was missing! He looked in the aquarium, but no bat. He looked in the gift shop, but no bat. He looked in the arcade, but no bat. Where was his bat? He decided to give up. When he got back to the bones exhibit, his bat was waiting for him!

by Kevin