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Daniel Caton
Vice President:
R. Lee Hawkins
Treasurer: R. Lee Hawkins
Interim Secretary: R. Lee Hawkins

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Visit our Membership Update Page if you are an IDA member and you have had a change of address in the last 2 years. We will take care of updating your records with IDA.

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Listserver Available!
The ncdark list server is available for your convenience.  If you wish to discuss issues relating to nighttime lighting, light pollution, or light trespass, or just see what is going on, join the ncdark listserver. You can e-mail a message to the list server, and the message is automatically sent to many other people in NC (list subscribers) who are interested in outdoor lighting issues. As a subscriber, you will automatically receive (via e-mail) information, questions and any discussion that the other subscribers send to the list. IDA Membership is not required to join the list server. This list server generates fairly low traffic volume, so you don't have to worry about your inbox filling up.

To join the list server, read the 3-step process for joining, and then click the box that says "Click to Join...". Your subscription is subject to approval by the list manager, whose job is mainly to keep SPAMMERS from joining the list just to send out advertisements. Join and get connected to OUR network.

Subscribe to North Carolinians for Dark Skies e-list server
  1. Clicking the box1 sends you a message via the list server automation, which you must confirm.
  2. Upon receiving your confirmed request to join, the list moderator will send you a couple of questions to verify your interest in our list server.
  3. Upon receiving your answer, the moderator will add you to the list server. (sorry for the runaround, but it is meant to thwart Spammers.)
ncdark archive Register with egroups and view the NCDARK listserv archives! It's FREE!!!

1 Since our website doesn't have "cgi-bin" capability, this form uses the "mailto" method to get information to us. You may see a message from your browser warning about this. It is no less secure than sending us an unencrypted mail message. Also, depending on your mailer configuration, this method may fail completely. If that is the case, just email your request to Thank You.

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