August 30, 2008: We will be setting up a booth at a star party at Frank Liske Park. We will have examples onhand of good and bad lighting fixtures, along with lots of handouts on good lighting.

July 26, 2008: Our booth was set up at a star party at North Cabarrus Park.

November 2, 2002: Mid-Atlantic Star Party presentations at 2PM. Doug Hill frrom the Raleigh Planning Department will talk about the process Raleigh went through to create a lighting ordinance. Bob Henderson will discuss his experiences with lighting ordinance creation, and the new products CP&L has begun to offer to address glare, trespass, and light pollution.

November 7, 2002: Municipal Lighting Ordinance Seminar, presented by CP&L in Raleigh, NC. (See brochure.)

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