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If you have a link to a media story about light pollution issues in NC, please pass it along to dlakey at mindspring dot com. These newspaper links get broken rapidly. If clicking a link below takes you to a page that isn't the article, if there is a search engine available, try keywords like "light trespass", "light pollution", or "lighting ordinance".

Don't Blot Out the Stars - Charlotte Observer Article - - 2002/04/04
Wilmington Star Article on Light Pollution - 2002/02/22
Letter to editor of Raleigh N&O
Light Pollution Guest Column for North Raleigh News

Other Media Links
Light Pollution debate on CNN - 2002/03/29
Light Pollution discussion on NPR (2001/08/08 - RealAudio)

The World Atlas of Artifical Night Sky Brightness

IDA Links

IDA Website
The IDA website has tons of useful information about light pollution -- the causes, the myths, and easy solutions. It is the best place to start if you want to find out everything you can about this problem. Be sure to visit their Information Sheets. See the links below for some examples of the excellent documents available. Be sure to observe the IDA Copyrights.

Light Pollution: The Problem, The Solutions
This concise document is a very good starting point to understanding what light pollution is, and what some of the solutions are.

IDA Membership
Visit this link if you are interested in becoming an IDA Member. Print the page, fill it out, and send it to the address shown. It is that simple!!! You will receive a very nice newsletter.

IDA Outdoor Lighting Code Handbook Version 1.0
This new publication should prove to be an invaluable tool to those who are involved with writing lighting ordinances.

U.S. Department of Justice Study of Street Lighting and Crime
Lighting doesn't reduce crime, only our fear of crime.

This is the whole huge update version of the document mentioned above, from the National Institute of Justice. This is more current (c1997 or so) than the document meentioned above. Look for the "
OPEN PUBLIC SPACES " section in Chapter 7 for the discussion of outdoor lighting. If you search for "lighting" throughout the document, you will see the trend of inconclusive evidence. It looks like taxpayers should be asking for their city officials to do some controlled scientific pilot projects before unleashing costly lighting projects in crime plagued areas!

Lighting and Crime
Will criminals go where they cannot see?

Security Lighting: Let's Have Real Security, Not Just Bad Lighting.
Ok, you still want to "feel" secure. Here are some things to think about if you want to take light pollution into consideration.

Advice Before Installing an Outdoor Lighting System
You have been asked, or you have decided, to install an outdoor light for a relative or yourself. Your concerns are primarily being able to see what you are doing when you are outside, but you like the security aspect of an outdoor fixture as well. Please read this page before you buy!

How To Talk To Your Neighbor Who Has A Bad Light
What do you do if your neighbor installs a bright light that shines in your window and keeps you awake all night. First, don't assume the neighbor intended to disturb you. They probably just wanted to be able to see at night, and have a feeling of security. Approach your neighbor as a fellow member of the neighborhood, not as an enemy. Ask them nicely to help you solve your problem with their light. Educate and communicate. Don't be judgemental. This page takes you through some alternatives to discuss with your neighbor.

Talking Hasn't Worked. Shall I Sue Them?
This page takes you through the legal considerations. There are many. As in most cases where this question is asked, try every other avenue you can think of first. Educate, build awareness, offer the offender assistance, ask the offender to help you wth your problem. Be nice all the way! Suing is a cost ot time and money, a real hassle -- for everybody.

Rethinking the Conventional Wisdom of Security Lighting
This page has some excellent ideas for security professionals who need to use lighting schemes within an overall security system design.

Illuminating Engineering Society of North America Recommended Practices for Exterior Lighting (RP-33)

Outdoor Lighting Manual for Vermont Municipalities

Other Organizations that educate about lighting
New England Light Pollution Advisory Group
Virginia Chapter of the IDA
California Chapter of the IDA
Indiana Council on Outdoor Lighting Education
Illuminating Engineering Society of North America

Other Links

Light Pollution Awareness
This excellent page has some very good articles about light pollution, and some pictures to provide concrete examples.

LiteLynx by Cliff Haas
This site has a long list of ordinances, as well as links to every conceivable lighting interest site, including manufacturers, and organizations.

Just about all the links that count
This site is another list of links to additional light pollution resources.

Cran Cowan's Illuminance Page
This page has some interesting food for thought concerning Light Trespass and Light Pollution. There is also a clear explanation of how one gets from Output Lumens to foot-candles, a connection that always escaped me before reading this.

Illuminance Calculator
Inspired by Cran's page above. You can use this page to find out the minimum distance to the property line for any light you specify. You can create a table of your favorite lights for printing.

Charter Meeting minutes
Minutes from the first NC IDA Meeting

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