NetChange Journal

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World Peace
Bosnia: Why Your Voice Matters
NetChange's Catherine Petrusz reports on her experiences at the recent American Committee to Save Bosnia national conference.

From The Hip
Berkeley Free Health Clinic
Check out the first installment of new a series of photo-essays from the From The Hip project.

Paganism Online!
Building Virtual Communities
NetChange's Michael Williams describes how the Pagan community has carved out it's own nitch in cyberspace.

{ c a m p u s w a t c h }

College Admissions
Judge Students' Performance by Their "Greatest Hits Collection"
Linda Blackford reports on a new approach to college admissions. (Provided by the American News Service.)

Students' Rights
ASU Adopts New Dorm Search Policy
Appalachian State University has adopted a controversial new policy that allows dormitory searches without a warrant. (Reprinted from the Daily Tar Heel.)

{ r e p r i n t s }

Declaration of Cyberspace Independence
John Perry Barlow lays down the law in our bold new world.

Activist Resources
Campus Organizing Guide
Check out this info-packed guide book originally published by the Center for Campus Organizing.