Research Articles and Essays

New Media Pipelines: The Introduction of New Media to art, Architecture and Design Culture
By Dean Bruton

From the Silver Screen to Cybercinema: Applying Film Theory to Web-Based Interactive Design
By Yoshiko Matsuda Burke

Local TV Market Multicasting: A New Paradigm for Digital Rich Media
By Tony DeMars

Foucauldian Technologies of the Self, Participatory Cultural Production and New Media
By Christina M. Smith

Visualization – Culture and Context
By Anna Ursyn and Ebad Banissi

encountersNew Media Art

By Bonnie Mitchell and Elainie Lillios

Encounter(s) in an interactive immersive audio/visual environment focusing on the concept of introspection, tranquility and transformation. When a participant sits in the center of the installation, a figure approaches and asks thought-provoking questions.

The immersive visual and sonic environment coupled with the virtual presence of the figure invites the participant to engage in meditation, contemplation, self-actualization, confrontation, or enlightenment.

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