Introduction to NMEDIAC, The Journal of New Media and Culture
- Jonathan Lillie, Managing Editor
Cultural Logic in Cyberspace: Web Art & Postmodernism
- A partial teaser article by Amy Davila offering a peak of what is to come in future issues of NMEDIAC
Party Over, Oops, Out of Time’: Y2K, Technological ‘Risk’ and Informational Millenarianism

- Kavita Philip & Terry Harpold Computer mediation and postmodern narrative practices:
computational narratives in Mason&Dixon.

- Miriam Fernández Santiago
From Text Effects to Canned Goods:
Identity Construction and Visual Codes in the Flash Development Community

- Megan Sapnar Media Literacy for the Unconscious Mind
- Brian Walsh
New Media Art
“Superstitious Appliances” & "in an unrelated sequence comes"
- Jason Nelson

An Introduction to the New Media Art of Jason Nelson
- NMEDIAC Contributing Editor Jennifer Ley "Hey Now"
- Thomas Swiss and Motomichi Nakamura

An Introduction to the New Media Poetry of Thomas Swiss
- NMEDIAC Assistant Editor Megan Sapnar
Book Reviews
Loss Pequeño Glazier. (2002). Digital Poetics: The Making of E-Poetries. Tuscaloosa: University of Alabama Press.
- Review by George Hartley

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