From Red Tape to Results

Creating a Government that Works Better & Costs Less

Report of the National Performance Review

Vice President Al Gore

September 7, 1993


Letter to the president



Chapter 1 Cutting Red Tape

Step 1: Streamlining The Budget Process
Step 2: Decentralizing Personnel Policy
Step 3: Streamlining Procurement
Step 4: Reorienting The Inspectors General
Step 5: Eliminating Regulatory Overkill 
Step 6: Empower State And Local Governments
Chapter 2 Putting Customers First
Step 1: Giving Customers A Voice--And A Choice              
Step 2: Making Service Organizations Compete                
Step 3: Creating Market Dynamics                            
Step 4: Using Market Mechanisms To Solve Problems           
Chapter 3 Empowering Employees To Get Results
Step 1: Decentralizing Decisionmaking Power                 
Step 2: Hold All Federal Employees Accountable For Results  
Step 3: Giving Federal Workers The Tools They Need To Do Their Jobs 
Step 4: Enhancing The Quality Of Worklife                   
Step 5: Forming A Labor-Management Partnership              
Step 6: Exert Leadership                                    
Chapter 4 Cutting Back To Basics
Step 1: Eliminate What We Don't Need                        
Step 2: Collecting More                                     
Step 3: Investing In Greater Productivity                   
Step 4: Reengineering Programs To Cut Costs                 



Appendix A: --National Performance Review Major Recommendations By Agency

Appendix B: National Performance Review summary of savings

Appendix C: --National Performance Review Major Recommendations Affecting Governmental Systems