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Main Library (by subject):  7-Step Roadmap (Steps leading up to, including and following the 2010 General Elections); Activism and Advocacy (groups from Burma, solidarity groups, campaigns, publications); Administration and administrative areas of Burma/Myanmar; Agriculture and fisheries; Anthropology; Archaeology; Aung San Suu Kyi; Censuses; Chao-Tzang Yawnghwe - various writings, photos etc.; Children; Civil Society; Climate Change; Decentralisation; Development - focus on Sustainable and Endogenous Development; Dialogue/reform/transition - from military to civilian rule?; Drugs; Economic development assistance to Burma/Myanmar; Economic oppression, Extortion, Robbery; Economy; Education; Energy; Environment; Food Security; Foreign Relations; Forests and forest peoples; Funding; Geography; Governance; Health; History; Human Rights; Humanitarian Assistance to Burma/Myanmar; Information services in the region and Burma/Myanmar; Internal conflict; Internal Displacement/Forced Migration; International Labour Organisation (ILO); Labour issues; Land; Languages of Burma/Myanmar; Law and Constitution; Migration; Military (Tatmadaw), Military Intelligence, Police etc.; National League for Democracy (NLD); Natural disasters - regional and Burma/Myanmar; Natural Resource Use; Non-Burman and non-Buddhist groups; Palaeontology; Politics and Government; Publications, ministries, embassies and other Government-related sites; Refugees; Regional Dynamics; Religious and ethnic discrimination; Social issues (under construction); Society and Culture; Statelessness; Tourism; Trafficking and smuggling of people; UN System and Burma/Myanmar; Water, including dams; Wetlands; Women;

Reading Room (by source):  Abstracts, bibliographies, scholarly journals, libraries, institutes, universities, other research tools; Archives; Bibliographies and online documents of individual Burma/Myanmar scholars; Bibliographies of Chinese texts relating to Burma; Blogs; Book Reviews and Announcements; Books on Burma/Myanmar covering several topics, frequently with several contributors; Burma/Myanmar material on academic websites; Burma/Myanmar material on institute and think tank websites; Burmese (Myanmar) language material (books, articles etc.); Conferences/seminars etc.; Discussion Groups; Encyclopedias, dictionaries etc.; Major online locations of books, reports and articles on Burma; Maps and satellite imagery; Multilingual resources; Network Myanmar (Archive); News - . Favourites; News - Broadcast media (transcripts - archives); News - Burma news sources - lists; News - Burma news sources focussed on non-Burman peoples; News - Burma newsletters, periodicals and news archives; News - Burma/Myanmar news sources in Burmese (current sites); News - Burma/Myanmar news sources in English (current sites); News - Burma/Myanmar news sources in non-Burmese languages of Burma (current sites); News - Burma/Myanmar selected news and commentary from various sources; News - Commentary/analysis about Burma/Myanmar; News - Daily newspapers produced by the Government of Burma/Myanmar (archive from June 2003); News - Inactive Burma news sites and discussion groups; News - International sources; News - Private sector publications produced under censorship restrictions; Online Books; Online collections containing books, records etc. on Burma/Myanmar; Online E-books and other resources in Burmese; Online Entertainment sites (Burmese language); Online sale of crafts, clothes, art, books, CDs, magazines etc.; Photographs and other images of Burma; Searching and downloading - Burma and beyond - databases, search engines etc.; Statistics, profiles, general information etc. on Burma/Myanmar; Videos and films; Wikileaks-Burma/Myanmar;

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reg.burma archive (1993-2001): This is the 220MB archive of the IGC online conference which was the main vehicle for online Burma communications for most of the '90s. The archive, which is fully searchable from the reg.burma search, contains all the issues of the BurmaNet News from 1993-2001 and its predecessors, early numbers of "Burma Issues" and about 30,000 pages of other material, including some long documents. This is the conference that was searchable from the "Burmanet Gopher" which disappeared a couple of years ago. Now, thanks to IGC, ibiblio and OBL, it is back for searching (not for posting).

Burma Press Summary: Complete Text Archive (i.e. minus graphics)  of Hugh MacDougall's abstracts of "The Working People's Daily" and "The New Light of Myanmar" April 1987 to December 1996. Many full texts of speeches, laws etc. An important resource for Burma researchers. Warning: some big files.

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