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E-books and other resources in Burmese
East Timor-Burma relations
EBO "Burma News"
Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP)
Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)
Economic Development
Economic development asistance to Burm/Myanmar - discussion
Economic development assistance to Burma/Myanmar
Economic history
Economic History
Economic History - extractive industries
Economic History - general
Economic History -- Money-lending and Banking
Economic History: Agriculture
Economic History: Industry
Economic History: Infrastructure
Economic History: Trade
Economic History: Trade - general
Economic oppression, Extortion, Robbery
Economic zones in Myanmar
Economic, Social and Cultural issues
Economic, social and cultural rights
Economics of migration from Burma/Myanmar -
Economies of the States and Divisions of Burma
Economy of Arakan (Rakhine) State
Economy of Chin State
Economy of Kachin State
Economy of Karen (Kayin) State
Economy of Karenni (Kayah) State
Economy of Mon State
Economy of non-Burman groups in several States of Burma
Economy of Shan State
Economy: general, analytical, statistical
Economy: general, analytical, statistical (Burma Economic Watch)
Economy: general, analytical, statistical (SLORC/SPDC perspectives)
Economy: general, analytical, statistical (various sources)
Education - global
Education and training of migrants and refugees from Burma
Education in Burma - general
Education in non-Burman areas
Education in refugee camps in Thailand
Education of Burmese outside Burma
Education of migrants from Burma
Education rights: reports of violations in Burma
Education rights: standards and mechanisms
Education, Right to
Educational capacity-building and training
Educational resources and materials
Elections (Burma)
Electrical Industry
Electrical Power: Production and Use
ENC website, statements, conference records etc.
Encyclopedias, dictionaries etc.
Energy -- general
English trade
ENSCC statements etc.
Entertainment sites (Burmese language)
Environment (being reorganised and extended)
Environmental and social impact assessments
Environmental education
Environmental education - global/general
Environmental education in Burma/Myanmar
Environmental governance in Burma/Myanmar
Environmental health
Environmental laws, decrees, regulations etc.
Environmentalists of Burma/Myanmar
Ethnic Groups
Ethnic Groups in Burma
Ethnic groups in Burma (cultural, political)
Ethnic groups in Burma: agreements and statements
Ethnic groups in Burma: general studies and articles
Ethnic health organizations
Ethnic Nationalities Council (ENC)
Ethnic Nationalities Council (Union of Burma)
Ethnic Nationalities Solidarity and Cooperation Committee (ENSCC)
EU economic development assistance
Euro-Burma Office (EBO)
European investment
European Union humanitarian assistance
European Union-Burma relations (commentary/analysis)
European Union-Burma relations - European Parliament
European Union-Burma relations -- official links and documents
Events 1989-1997
Events of 1988
Events of 2007 and their consequences: "The Saffron Revolution" and its aftermath
Exchange Rates
Extractive industries
Extractive industries
Extractive industries - general