Announcement No. 1/88 of the State Law and Order Restoration Council, 18 September 1988


1) In order to effect a timely halt to the deteriorating conditions on all sides all over the country and for the sake of the interests of the people, the Defence Forces have assumed all power in the state with effect from today so as to carry out the following tasks immediately:


a. to restore law, order, peace and tranquillity;

b. to provide security and to facilitate transport and communications;

c. for this organization to do the utmost to ease the people's food, clothing, and shelter needs, and to render as much help as possible to the cooperatives and the private concerns;

d. to stage democratic multiparty general elections after fulfilling all the above-stated responsibilities.


2) The present Elections Commission for Holding Democratic Multiparty Elections will continue to exist for the successful holding of multiparty general elections.


3) In order to be ready for the multiparty general elections, all parties and organizations which will accept and practice genuine democracy can make preparations and form parties beginning now.


4) All presently active organizations, individuals, monks, and all the people are requested to render their assistance.



Signed: General Saw Maung, Chairman of the SLORC.