Law Khii Lah Statement - Translation



(30 August 2001)



Ethnic nationalities leaders from major organizations met at Law Khii Lah, Kawthoolei, in August 2001, and discussed the need for unity and closer cooperation. The leaders agreed on the need to strengthen the unity of the ethnic nationalities and a working committee, the Ethnic Nationalities Solidarity and Cooperation  Committee (ENSCC), was established. The Committee was entrusted with the task of fostering unity and cooperation between all ethnic nationalities and to promote a peaceful political settlement in Burma through a ‘Tripartite Dialogue’.


The ethnic nationalities leaders were cautiously optimistic about the ‘confidence building’ talks between Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and the State Peace and Development Council (SPDC) held since October 2000 in Rangoon. The ethnic nationalities leaders welcome and fully support the efforts of Ambassador H.E. Razali Ishmael, the UN. Special Envoy, to facilitate a peaceful settlement through a ‘Tripartite Dialogue’ in Burma.


It was also resolved that the ethnic nationalities would -


·        Undertake pro-active and constructive action to bring about a peaceful resolution to the political conflict in Burma through a dialogue process involving the SPDC, the NLD led by Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, and the ethnic nationalities, as dialogue partners;


·        Consult widely, cooperate, and work closely with all stakeholders in Burma and with the international community, international bodies and agencies, the UN, and humanitarian organizations to resolve the grave humanitarian crises in Burma, which most seriously affect the ethnic nationalities population;


·        Strive to facilitate an orderly and peaceful democratic transition in Burma, and to rebuild the country in accordance with the spirit of Panglong, which is based on the principle of Equality, Self-determination, Democracy, and Justice.



1.      Arakan Liberation Party (ALP)                               Member – National Democratic Front,

2.      Chin National Front (CNF)                                     Member – National Democratic Front,

3.      Karen National Union (KNU)                                 Member – National Democratic Front,

4.      Lahu Democratic Front (LDF)                                Member – National Democratic Front,

5.      Palaung State liberation Front (PSLF)                     Member – National Democratic Front,

6.      Pa-O People's Liberation Organization (PPLO)      Member – National Democratic Front,

7.      Karenni National Progressive Party (KNPP),

8.      United Nationalities league for Democracy-Liberated Area (UNLD-LA)*, and other allied ethnic nationalities organizations.


(*Note: UNLD-LA represents 11 political parties which participated in the May 1990 elections.)