A strange foreign ship arrived at Kalar-gote Island in Mon State


Independent Mon News Agency

June 29, 2004


A strange foreign ship with no passenger arrived in the west beach of Kalar-gote Island in Ye township, southern Burma and the Burmese Army’s navy took it away, according to villagers from island.


“The ship arrived on June 25 Friday and we do not found anyone on board of the ship.   It has three stairs and some foods and clothes are on the up-stair floor,” said Mr. Nai Win.   The floated ship slow reached in the beach west of the island,” he added.


“After crowded villagers surprisingly watched at the big ship, the Burmese Army in the island suddenly arrived and surrounded it for checking and took it,” he said.


“The island people believed it was a foreign ship and it must be Indonesia ship or Korea ship,” Ms. Mi Htwe said.   But many villagers were unsure from which place the ship has floated, because they could not read language painted on the body of the ship.  Most soldiers did not also know the source of the ship and Burmese Army’s navy took it away by dragging with their navy boats.   


The floated boat, death bodies and some strange things always arrive at beach of this island during raining season in the past, she added.


The Burmese Army also confiscated many acres of land in this Kalar-gote Island and deployed many troops including a base for an infantry battalion and an artillery regiment.   While the Burmese Army was building the military outposts, barracks and helicopter landing pads, they have conscripted forced labour from the villagers.


The Burma’s military government and Thai businessmen also planned to build a deep seaport in the island in 1997 in order to export Thai goods to this seaport and then to South Asia countries by ships without bending across Malaysia strait.   The project was collapsed after Thailand faced economic crisis.   


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