A decision for Mon Monks university in Mon State


Independent Mon News Agency

July 20, 2004


A decision to open a Mon Monks’ University in Mon State is made by the famous senior Mon monks, Mon community leaders and some New Mon State Party leaders in the capital of Mon State, said Ajar Damma Dinna a Mon monk from United State who support this University said.


Decision made on July 18, 2004 in the Sarsanar 2500 Mon temple in the capital of Mon State, Moulmein, by Ajar Kosalla, a professor from Theravada Buddhist Missionary University of Rangoon (Yangon), Ajar Pala Ramonya and other senior monk leader, NMSP public relationship department and some Mon businessmen.   The plan has been considered by the Mon communities and it was decided to implement.  


“We imagined it for a long time. Today we are going to implement it within three years period and we can have the Mon monks who could complete Post Graduate (PhDs) in Buddhism in the future,” Ajar Damma, who would supervise the program said.


“The University will be built in the capital of Mon State and we will only accept the monks who completed Dammasariya or High Level of Buddha Teaching, after that we will send the monks to Sri Lanka University for further study,” Ajar Damma said.


“All of the books from the Wat Singh belonged Ajar Utama, who passed away recently in Thailand agreed to donate for the Mon Monk University,” said Ajar Damma.


Ajar Kosalla will lead lecturing to the monks at the University, according to the decision.


Ajar Kosalla was who finished Siriparwarra Dammasariya Pali Paragu, M. A. Kelaniya University Sri Lanka, received golden award from Agunaf College and BA in Burma.


The Local Mon billionaire (in Kyat), Ms. Mi Ayane from Thanpyuzayart Town will donate the University buildings and space. The famous Mon monks who has some influence in Burma, Ajar Pupha will donate foods and other supplies for the study monks, according the decision.


“For the operating of University, the Implementing Committee needs fund, we need to raise fund and will form a fund foundation for the university,” said Ajar Damma.


“If Mon community and other donor can support to our Mon Monk University and we are always welcome for donation,” said Ajar Dama.



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