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Dated: June 22, 2004

A Rohingya chopped to Death in Western Burma

Maungdaw, June 22: On 6th June 2004, unidentified men chopped to death a Rohingya man and were thrown into a well nearby a government primary school of Khari Para (village) at Mungdaw Township in Arakan State, western Burma, according to our sources. 

The next day, the dead body was found in the said well by some local women while they were going there to carry water. Hearing the hue and cry of women, local people rushed to the spot and they identified the dead body as Sidique (a) Maung Tun, 34, son of Habi Ullah, hailed from Khari Para of Maungdaw Township, sources further added. 

On information, police went to the spot and recovered the dead body from the well and was sent to the Maungdaw General Hospital for postmortem. Afterwards, police ordered the villagers to bury the dead body immediately. So, the villagers buried the dead body at Khari Para graveyard of Maungdaw Township after funeral prayer, said a trader of Maungdaw Town.  

Formerly, he was living at Maung Ni Para of Maungdaw Township. After growing well connection with police, Nasaka and Military Intelligence (MI), he transferred with is family to Khari Para (village) for his security reason, which is closed to police station, said a relative of Maung Tun. 

He had no specific earning sources to maintain his family except as an informer of police, Nasaka and MI. Due to his false and fabricated information, many people of the area have to face problems and to pay bribe to the concerned authorities. So, villagers were very angry with him, he further added.  

He was also a media man of the concerned authorities to obtain travel passes and permits for any matter. So, he received a huge amount of money from people and got commission from the authorities. So, unidentified villagers killed him and threw into a well to end the cyclic pressure from authorities, said a villager. 

Instead of relief, mass villagers are now facing more problems compared to earlier and the authorities also have got a golden chance to extract money from the Rohingya villagers by putting false and fabricated cases against them, he further said. 

Now, the Rohingya villagers are living in their homes with fears of arrest as police make arbitrary arrest to the villagers. The responsible person for the murder is not found till writing this report. ## 

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