National League for Democracy


Aspiring towards the construction of a democratic union of Burma,

the National League for Democracy wished to cooperate in the National

Convention organized by the SPDC. Therefore the NLD intimated to the

authorities the following minimal conditions that would enable the

party to participate in the National Convention.


   (1)     The "six objectives" should be regarded merely as sugges-

           tions to be considered in the drafting of the constitution.

   (2)     The "104 principles" too should be regarded as suggestions

          to be considered for the drafting of the constitution, not
as binding principles.

(3)     At the time when the NC was previously held, all political

parties, including the NLD, should be able to choose their

own representatives freely.

   (4)     All NLD offices sealed since 30 May 2003 must be reopened
and party signboards restored where they have been forcibly

   (5)     U Tin U, vice-chairman of the NLD and General Secretary
Daw Aung San Suu Kyi must be released from detention.

(6)     There was agreement with the authorities with regard to

point (3)above, but with regard to the others -

(7)     While it was indicated that in connection with point (1)

and (2),there may be discussions through syndicate meetings,

there has been no clear declaration of how the authorities

              intend to  handle these issues.

 (8)      The authorities did not agree to conditions (4) and (5). 

The NLD does  not  believe   that under these circumstances it  will

be able to benefit the nation by participating in the  National

Convention. Therefore it has been decided that the NLD will not

attend  the  National  Convention.


                                                                               C E C


May 14, 2004.


[Source: Scan of a jpeg version of the statement]