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Dhaka, 10
th December 01:  Speakers at a seminar on 'Struggle for Democracy in Burma Today' held on the 8th December 2001, called upon the Myanmar junta, 'State Peace and Development Council' to hand over state power to the duly elected people's representatives and release Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, the Nobel Peace Laureate from Myanmar.   Our correspondent from Dhaka adds:  the participants at the seminar urged for creating an environment conducive to substantive dialogue for transfer of power.
The seminar was organized by the Committee of Concerned Citizens at the Dhaka Reporters Unity Auditorium, says a press release.
Keynote speaker Dr C R Abrar of Dhaka University illuminated on the militarization process initiated by the SPDC junta and its ramifications for politics, economy and society of the country.  For its own survival, the speaker alleged, 'the junta has mortgaged its natural resources to some of its neighbours and other trading partners.'
Among others who addressed the seminar were Barrister Syed Ishtiaq Ahmed, former Adviser of the Caretaker government, Advocate Sigma Huda, and others.

Our correspondent adds that, in Bangladesh prisons alone, there are more than three thousand Myanmarese prisoners who Myanmar Government have ignored and declined to take back even long after the expiry of their prison terms, which in itself is another kind of human rights violations by the Myanmarese military regime outside its border.  Many of the prisoners have spent their life in the prisons for 7/8 years after the expiry of their prison terms.  #