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Maungdaw, 13
TH December 01:  Two Mro ethnic nationals from Kywaing-bauk Pruju village were killed by the villagers from Fawaik-chhaung Khung-daing village of Maungdaw township of Rakhine State, Myanmar, on October 9th this year, according to our correspondent from Maungdaw.
When twenty-one villagers from Kywaing-bauk Pruju village conducted a search for the missing two of their village, they found the dead bodies of the two, buried and rotten, near the abandoned cottage of U Kan Shyaung's slash-and-burn hill.
They immediately went to the police station at Krin-chhaung.  Inspector Tun Sein Maung from the police station went to the spot with five other police constables but did not file any case for the murder of the two.   The villagers from Kywaing-bauk Pruju numbering about two hundred, alleging the police to have taken bribes to keep mum, came to Khung-daing village, and in retaliation took three of the villagers away and beat them up as the police was reluctant to take any action.  The three wounded  areThain-be, Kain-shaung, and Pre-daing.
The police when informed went to the spot and saved the three and has given medical treatment to  them in the police station since then, our correspondent added.  The reluctance of the police to take action against the perpetrators  have inflamed widespread vengeance among the minority Mro ethnic community in the area so that the divide-and-rule policy of the SPDC junta has once again been extended among the Mro hill tribe of the north-western part of Rakhine state, concludes our correspondent.  #