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Maungdaw, 16
th December 01:  The so-called white elephant that the Myanmar State Peace and Development Council junta has declared as harbinger of prosperity and propitious to the country was actually caught in January 2000 from Aungju village under Maungdaw township, according to our correspondent from Maungdaw.
Shortly after the elephant was caught it was brought to an elephant-shed at Athak-naing-ra village under  Rathedaung township.  At the time when the elephant was caught, it was a normal eight-year old elephant,  eight feet long and six feet high.  Interestingly enough, only on the 6th day of November 2001 the elephant suddenly transformed into a 'white' elephant, rising a lot of speculations among the general public.  The name of the elephant was then changed to "Aung Chitt Htway" (Victory Love Youngest).    On November 8th, the elephant was renamed as "Taing Chitt Aung" (Land Love Victory) by General Khin Nyunt and was transported to Yangon on the Aling-yaung motor vessel.  On November 15th the elephant got to Than-lyain Naval base in Yangon
According to our correspondent,  as the elephant is not actually a real 'white elephant' there is a widespread speculation that, the incidence portends evil omen for the ruling junta who unless step down will face an ugly ending soon.  #