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Sittwe, 18
th December 01:  Since the third week of November the Burmese Navy have started a clean-up operation in the waters of Rakhine state coastline, according to our correspondent in Sittwe.  On the 24th November a Thai fishing trawler named "Yangon 9" which was floating after the engine of the vessel stalled, was seized at a place west to Kyauk-pru town.  No crew was found in the illegal Thai trawler.  Then the Navy sighted another Thai fishing trawler moving towards the west.  The second trawler came under direct attack of the Burmese Navy around four o'clock in the early hours  when the crew jumped into the water and vanished.
According to our correspondent, the navy have reported that the crews of the two Thai vessels were dead and missing, and that they could not carry out a search operation because of the rough seas prevailing on that day after they seized the two trawlers.  During the morning hours of the 24th November "Yangon 9" and another unnamed Thai trawler were dragged to Kyauk-pru naval base.
Though there are many Thai, Malaysia, Singapore and Bangladesh fishing companies doing joint-venture business in Myanmar, a large number of illegal Thai trawlers also come to the Bay of Bengal for catching fish because of the richness of fish resources in the Rakhine waters, according to a prominent owner of joint-venture fish company who told this to our correspondent on condition of anonymity.   #

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