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Maungdaw, 31
st December 01:    Secretary Number One of State Peace and Development Council junta of Myanmar visited Maungdaw, the western border town of Rakhine State on 29th December, according to our correspondent from Maungdaw.
Khin Nyunt, the junta head came on a state visit to open the newly constructed annexe of Basic Education Secondary School in the town and also to 'receive donations from what the junta described as "philanthropists" of the locality'.  A merchant of the town said that, the local Township Peace and Development Council (TPDC) members used force and threat to all the businessmen in the locality to 'donate' money to the TPDC coffer for the construction of the annexe building.  The money so collected amounted to nearly kyat five million with which the junta bought organ, air coolers, TV sets, etc.   Khin Nyunt and his team also visited Aung Thabre, Wayladaung, Bandoola, Aung Chantha, Taungbro Lakway, Taing-hmu, Waythali, Bhogawaddy, and some other ethnic Mro and Thak villages.  He distributed rice, medicine, clothes and blankets, and school books  among the villagers as a part of what the junta calls is a Border Area Development Programme.  At Taing-hmu village (Western Commander's Village), the group distributed a television set, video, and air cooler. 

A TPDC official on condition of anonymity told our correspondent that, every household in the township had to offer kyat 1,000 donation to the township authority for bearing the cost involved in  Khin Nyunt's  reception.  Besides, the secretary did not bother to offer anything to the villages in the township other than those established by them though there is a silent starvation and lack of work prevailing in the entire township.    #