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Maungdaw, 22
nd January 02: On December 24th 2001, an Indian family suspected of espionage was arrested and pushed to Bangladesh by the Myanmar Nasaka border security forces in Maungdaw township, in the western part of Rakhine State, according to a policeman who wanted to remain anonymous..
The Indian family consisting of father, mother, four sons and a daughter were arrested from Taungbro-ya village under Maungdaw township and interrogated at Nasaka Area 3 headquarters. On interrogation, they were found to hail from Nanmudi village of Champakamundi town under Kegakhana district. The couple had Indian national identity cards, numbered 731986 belonging to Dashan, 35, and 6018747 belonging to his wife, Onmati, 30. They also possessed Indian polling cards.
The other possessions of the family included snares for catching wild animals and some other household goods. They are thought to have come to Bangladesh in October 2001 and from there they crossed into Myanmar in December. The Nasaka forces without handing over the Indian family to the Bangladesh authority, just drove them into Bangladesh from a point close to Taungbro Nasaka outpost on Myanmar side to Tumbro in Bangladesh side.
The Nasaka border security forces who interrogated the family were of the opinion that, this was the first ever incidence for any Indian national to cross the border and get into the Myanmar territory. For this they suspected the family of espionage for the Indian security forces.
It is usual for the Myanmar authority to arrest and sentence any foreign nationals intruding into its territory, but pushing the Indian family into Bangladesh and not handing over them to the Indian authority, or taking legal actions against them, has brought up many unanswered questions. #