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Sittwe, 31
st January 02: Shrimps carried in a truck from Sittwe was confiscated at the Nasaka Immigration and Security camp No. 25 at Ann, according to a manager of a Shrimp export company in Sittwe, capital of Rakhine State.
On January 14th, a truck driver, Zaw Myo Lwin, 24, who was driving a truck of Myoma Zani Transport Ltd, was stopped at Nasaka Camp 25 and his truck was found carrying 550 viss (1 viss = 1.6 kg) of Shrimp in ten boxes owned by Aung Mrat Thu Co. and Ray Tun Gyaw Co. The guards at the check point demanded kyat 50,000 as bribe from the driver who produced necessary documents and papers to them. He produced the receipts of the taxes he paid at Ann to the guards. The taxation of the shrimps he was carrying was as follows:
1. 400 viss of big shrimp @ kyat 22 a viss = kyat 8,800
2. 150 viss of small shrimp @ kyat 21 a viss = kyat 3,150
The receipts carried the date of 13th January 02 and official stamps of Department of Excise and Taxes.

The Nasaka guards forced the driver to pay kyat 1,13,295 as taxes because they demanded that, the driver had paid taxes legally for 95 viss of shrimps only though he produced the above receipts for taxes.. After paying taxes as demanded, the driver went to the Western Command and lodged a complaint there. A high-ranking Officer from the Western Command followed the driver and he took the money from the gate guards and returned it to the driver along with 95 viss of shrimp. For the good gesture made by the high ranking officer, the driver was made to hand over 455 viss of shrimp to him for the consumption of the Western Command forces and their families!
The unnamed shrimp company manager told our correspondent that, the business cannot be carried out without bribing the military authority present everywhere in Rakhine State. Meanwhile, many business concerns have been forced to shut down and go out of business as a result of illegal toll collection by the law enforcement agents.
The driver hails from Myinkhan town of Mandalay division and the truck had a number plate of 4B/9415, concluded the report. #