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Maungdaw, 8
th February 02:   The Mynamar junta recently caught a ' strange-coloured ' cow elephant in Rakhine State, our correspondent from the border town of Maungdaw, close to Bangladesh said.
        On January 28th,  U Nyunt Way, Assistant Manager of "Elephant-catching Group" with eight other group members assisted by Second Lieutenant Moe Zaw Lett (Light Infantry Battalion 233), five Nasaka (immigration and security forces) men,  three members of Military Intelligence 18, two from Military Intelligence 10, caught a strange-coloured cow elephant (25/30 years old), from Kin-chhaung Rakhine village under Maungdaw township in the south-western state of Myanmar.
        The elephant was caught when it was rendered senseless with a shot of powerful anaesthetic, while its 3 year-old cub managed to escape with another wild elephant.   To catch the mother elephant three other tame elephants were engaged to entice and then trap and catch it besides the thirty "special duty" army, intelligence and immigration and security forces.  
        The specialty of the elephant lies in the following peculiarities, quoting a 'special duty' force our correspondent said:  the eyes of the elephant were pearly white, while there is a pink coloured ring inside each of the eyeballs, the eyelashes were white; the tail was fully white; the skin was coconut brown but dappled with white patches;  and the ears were pink.   When sprayed with water the elephant took a pinkish hue.  The elephant stood at 7 feet 6 inches, and its length measured at 7 feet 1 inch. 
        The elephant is now kept near Kinn-chhaung Buddhist monastery, attended by a few troops day and night.  The villagers nearby have been forced to provide wild banana and other plants for the upkeep of the 'SPDC' elephant as called by the local people.
        The Burmese military in Maungdaw area have been bragging around that, the Tatmadaw (Army) is working all the works from 'controlling' the country down to the ' catching of elephants' for the ' prosperity of the country'.  #