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Myanmar :  Schools to Take  Exams Before Courses Complete

Sittwe, 26
th February 02:  All the primary school students of the south-western state of Myanmar have been ordered by the township administration of the ruling Myanmarese junta to sit for the annual examination, according to a parent from Zedidaung of Buthidaung township in Rakhine State.

The examination starting from the first week of this month was conducted by the order of the Township Education Officer.   This year, the primary teachers have been away from schools and working elsewhere throughout the year to keep their body and soul together due to poor salary which could hardly make ends meet so that courses could not be finished.      The price of a 50 kilo bag of rice is kyat 8,000 while the monthly salary of a primary school headmaster  is kyat 5,000.

A primary school teacher in Buthidaung township told our correspondent  that, school teachers can no way attend school  for more than ten days in a month because they have to work outside the classroom to augment their poor salary.  He also added that, if a teacher keeps ' good relation' with the township education officer they face no problem absenting from their respective schools.

The State Peace and Development Council junta also issued official circulars that all schools in the country must have a 95% pass of the enrolled students.  The junta order has spelt disaster to the education system of the state  as the teachers are now compelled to give a 95% pass to the students irrespective of the individual performance record.  The junta has also threatened to take rigorous actions against the teachers and schools which cannot make 95% of the enrolled students pass their examinations!

The outcome of the order can be seen in the result of the school leaving examination in which the student pass rate is below 5 per cent.  

Such a move has raised many questions to the conscious guardians of the students  how much sincere is the Myanmarese military junta in their commitment to improve the quality of education?  A high school teacher commented that, a mere 40% young children below 12 years of age can make to the high schools for the high cost of education during the SPDC junta rule, which is far worse than in the days of the despot Ne Win.

While the quality of education at home has gone down the drain, the teacher accused that, the junta officials send their children to schools in foreign countries like Singapore and to the West, clandestinely using faked passports as members of the families of the junta are not granted visa by the EU countries.  #