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5 April 2002: Five local Muslim employees of the UNHCR, Maungdaw, the western border town of Burma, had to pay bribes for their return home on leave to Rangoon, according to a reliable source.

The five said Muslim employees applied for permission to go home on leave from the Nasaka Headquarters at Kyigan-braung, Maungdaw, on 11th March. Till 15th March there was no reply from the Nasaka.

Annoyed at the delay and silence some of the employees went to Lieutenant Colonel Aung Ngwe and bribed him. Subsequently on the 17th of March, travel permits were issued for the five Burmese Muslims who wanted to visit their family on leave.

The five Muslim employees are: Dr Ba Tin (64) son of Fida, National Registration Card No. 6/TaWaNa (Naing) 039 351; Dr Syed Ahmed (36) NR Card No. 12/PaPaTa (Naing) 008 546; U Aman Ullah (31) son of Ahmed Hussein NR Card No. 11/MaTaNa(Ya) - 020 326; U Maung Aung Than son of U Ba Thein NR Card No. 7/MaTaNa (Naing) 086 431; and U Tin Maung Myint (31) son of U Qashem NR Card No. 11/SaTaNa (Naing) 057 950.

Since 1988 when the Burmese junta took over state power, the Muslims have been barred from travelling inside Burma outside of their own townships. Whatever permission is received is also meant for travelling within Arakan State and not outside it. The above five were specially considered as they are employees of the UNHCR in Arakan State. #