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MAUNGDAW, 10 April 02:
The Nasaka security forces arrested four Rohingyas with eleven cattle on charges of illegal traffic in cattle, according to our correspondent in Maungdaw the western border town of Burma.

On March 31, Military Intelligence Sergeant Tun Tin with a ten men force from the Nasaka Headquarters arrested the above Rohingyas for illegally bringing the cattle from Buthidaung without any valid travel pass for themselves as well as the cattle!

They were arrested from their own homes at Ki-gan-braung South village in Maungdaw township after they came from Buthidaung with the cattle.

The arrested people were: Nurul Amin son of Khulla, Kala son of Qurban Ali, Mustafa Ahmed son of Nurul Alam, and Ali Nuhen son of Mia Husein.

Among the five, Ibrahim son of Shukkur, was able to avoid the arrest. The captured eleven cattle were sent to the model villages and distributed among the Burmese settlers without any legal procedure. The four arrested will shortly be indicted and imprisoned on summary judgments. #