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Dear friends,
Arakanese democracy activists and political organizations are jointly demonstrating right now in front of
Bangladesh press club at Dhaka on the 14 anniversary of 8888 uprising in Burma . the following statement is issued by them. Please forward this statement to another friends.

Arakanese for Democracy in Exile
THE 14

This day fourteen years ago the repressive military junta of Burma gunned down thousands of democratic activists across the country their only crime was that they held peaceful rallies calling for an end to decades of tyrannical military rule and restoration of democracy in the Union of Burma. People from every walk of life, age and religion came out to streets in protest, demanding scrapping down of the Burmese Socialist Programme Party junta led by soldier-dictator Ne Win.

People took to the streets spontaneously even members of the law enforcement agencies joined the people to demand the removal of military dictatorship for democracy in Burma. Overwhelmed by the popular upheaval demanding democracy the Burmese military remained interned in their quarters, but got engaged in hatching up a plot to quell the unrest.

As a sequel to the over-month-long popular demand for democracy, the coterie of Burmese army generals well-known for their association with the whimsical dictator Ne Win this time assumed the name of State Law and Order Restoration Council (SLORC) and illegally seized state power on 18 September 1988, and killed thousands of peaceful democratic demonstrators. Subsequently a general election was held on 27 May 1990, but the Burmese generals never recognized the popular verdict reflected in their self-declared general election where the democratic forces won a landslide, even in the confines of military stations. Deterred by the victory of the democratic forces the Burmese junta instead of handing over power to the elected parliamentarians declared many of the political parties including most of the minority nationalities’ political parties illegal, arresting members of the political parties on fictitious charges, and in many cases resorting to extra-judicial killings.

To spruce up the soiled self-image, the Burmese junta changed their name from SLORC to SPDC (State Pace and Development Council). Though the name was changed their obsession to oppress the minority nationalities remained the same. Worse, all the commercial and business enterprises were brought under the control of either junta’s own men or their minions.

As a result of the gross human rights violations, ethnic cleansing and use of “rape as a weapon of war” as recently as in July this year in Shan State, Burmese citizens have been forced to illegally leave their country for shelter in the neighbouring countries. Specialists estimate that more than two million minority people from Burma now live in exile, either recognized by the UNHCR or living as illegal aliens in the neighbouring countries.

In these circumstances, we demand of the SPDC junta:
1. To immediately release all political prisoners, journalists and intelligentsia who have been interned either on political or other fake charges.
2. To hold a tripartite dialogue where minorities’ leaders are included to work out a peaceful political solution that embodies guarantee for the civil rights of the minorities.
3. To do away with any form of military dictatorship (under any dubious names) and ensure the end of military rule in
4. To immediately end the human rights violations and ethnic cleansing in
5. To establish full democracy for a prosperous and peaceful Burma, esteemed by the world community.

Arakanese for democracy in exile
th August 02